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Election mood is getting crazier and ploys are being designed. Most importantly the foxy politicians are busy in counting their 'vote balance' by all means. Caste, religion, class, poverty despair are their favorite categories on which they will plot the game of power. Criminals, Broker and business class lobbies are close ally of their game. Interestingly, media is also becoming champion for agenda prorogation. Yes, here comes the agenda of political parties.

Best example is congress announcement on Rice। They will give rice to poor। BJP is likely to fallow the suite. Similarly the popular moves like NREGA and Loan waivers are a short term lures for voters, which would be costing very heavy to Indians. Because lot more money will be gathered and mounted in political accounts. The agenda of political parties are intentionally myopic... they want to gain the vote bank at any cost.

The winners of divide and rule policy- 'Congress (i)' is propagating the news that they will bring caste based quota in private institutes, enterprises and ventures. They can do so, because they have been fooling it since Mandal - II. The mass, which is always deprive of mere secondary education, they would rally behind the looters because this mindless party has given 'reservation' to their caste in 'higher education'. These mass would not mind their own illiteracy, which is again designed by this congress party the political heir of the Britishers. And the fact is, those who will be getting all quota fruits, never deserve such quota.

The real problem lies into the basic frame of governance. i.e. the administration, law and order. Wisely, after independence congress choose to continue with suppressive nature of police and exploitative design of bureaucracy. The colonial pattern of judiciary made it a deadly combo to suck the blood of poor Indians. We must not wonder why 42 percent Indians are still poor. and almost half of the population is illiterate.

Institutionalization of colonial heritage into governance has been so deeply internalized that we are to timid to have our own law and penal codes. These bunches of law and codes are as old as 200 years. Why they still exist, because it is exploitative and it favors the ruling class. Our penal codes are the best examples. This explains why non of the political looters has been punished till date and number of scam is going to be in millions.

Don't we need a revamp to all these shitty things left by Britishers! Contrary, our PM goes to their feet in London and express the gratitude for ruling and looting India. What manifesto we can expect from such crooks?!


Anyone, be it Congress or BJP or a Third Party will do that....they need votes to win, they need to keep the class priviledges up to maintain power and rule the masses...only that their looting ways are different. One uses poverty other uses religion and still something , the third one...and we have no choice but to choose one of three, either that or this....

Its inherent within ourselves...politicians arent a breed of their own. they come from commoners and aam admi and rule over them....its only the difference of degree and not of kind...such an exploitation, instrument of loot and power happens at all levels within bureaucracy, business n entrepreneurs- big n small, educational institutions, families etc a world where one person's life is another person's food, the food web will keep on moving in complex ways to keep the systems of power alive....

Well thought and drafted article!! This is Amit, thought provoking, influencing and connecting to all spheres of life, but my dear where's the beginning or has it already begun and people like me are unaware. If so thats a long way to go, a DREAM distant but achievable, its not about casting votes its about participating, "get into waters and uproot the weeds".


bahut sahi guru..sahi likh diyo ho

Great inspiring lines,so friends we will have to come forward to remove all off this.As we all are very well aware with this thought "To Change The System we will have to Part of That System"

Agree amit frm the core of my heart..I think we all r fact root of the problem of this current political game n BIG giving opportunity .electing them..we the voters..the TOOTHLESS TIGERS..(it appears now n then to me)..deaf n dumb..n so called educated n aware people…can we care a damn n take second thought of our social responsibilities applying one to one an example…if literacy rate is become very short period..just the matter of practice… the list go on.wich u mentioned …the much awerness…the lesser concern..we become self-centered for values nguddi guddi things….r only for drawing room discussions….n ending by blaming politicians n politics….so how can we only blame to those who r other side of the table..
By nourshing n strengthening the root..thru proper fertilizers….we can enjoy a beautiful tree for sure..n then we r able to show real tiger has not only sharp tooth..but supersharp eyes n nails electing right person who is educated(not holding degrees reals means n values of culture n traditions too),lead frm front,well aware of national issues,socio economic issues…can think above the ideology..n part that one discharge duties with devotion…
all d very best..i know u r one of them who is most concern for nation n its values

I test now does your blog allow Muhammed caricature man send you any messages ;)

Seppo Lehto greeting from Finland

Laws of the British era meant for a subject nation are being used by the leaders and breaucrats to enslave us. No wonder there are so many uprisings from Naxalites, to ULFA and so on.

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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