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'India is world's largest democracy' It is often claimed by the ignorant people... As it is promoted by govt agencies. However, this notion is totally wrong in qualitative and quantitative both terms. The participation percentage is pathetically low, and once you elect the representatives, there is no role for the citizens to say anything.
The colonial systems: Police to terrorize people, bureaucracy to loot public, law to harass commoners and government to 'rule' people, are still intact and continues to drain the wealth of India.

Congress party purposefully keep control on the iron-system of its rule aka empire. Even if it is out of power for a brief period, the loyal pet bureaucrats, judges and diplomats kept congress in loop.

With emergence of Muslim vote bank as the solid voter for Congress party, they have gone beyond the constitution and ethos on which this nation was rebuild in 1947. Millions of deaths are ignore and UPA-1 started 'Islamic Budgeting' for the same reason why India was divided. 

Soft stand on Pakistani terrorists is remarkable behavior of this govt. The terrorist who killed hundreds in day light, is enjoying Biryani with top most security. One of the minister also claimed that Sonia Gandhi, unofficial head of govt wept over death of three terrorist who planted bomb in Delhi.

Having track record of such it is very amusing to see the childish as of this govt to make national anti-terror body. One might wonder, this is what for? To weep over the death of killers??

New anti-terror body proposed by central govt is a new trick of Congress to control on the states, where it lost the power. They are never seriously committed to fight against terrorism.

This trick is to tighten the control over states as Congress party has lost in almost all of major states and would lose in remaining very soon.

The provision of Article 356 was excessively misused against non-Congress ruled states... Right from Nehru to Sonia Gandhi. Many times even judiciary was manipulated to execute non-congress state governments. 

This terror body would provide another weapon in hands of Congress to destabilize non-congress ruled stated and establish its rule through president. Next step is to manipulate the state government machinery and establish Congress rule through next election. 

How can such body expected to work, when the head of ruling party is crying and weeping for terrorists? 

With lame security laps and political sympathy from central government, terrorists would feel encouraged to organize blasts and killing in non-congress ruled states. And in return central govt would shake the state govt.

Certainly this new ploy is not just against the federal structure, but also again the lives of citizens. It must be opposed with all possible means. 

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Good post. Keep it up.

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