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On 29th June, 2012

One more year passed by, 
while I remained the one...
Staying and counting by.

Life has been a space in time..
Where people come and go, 
They have to go and they do so.

While being me, most of the time,
into the thoughts and reality... 
I Seldom forgot, 
when to dim, when to shine. 

It was only me, 
lived in dark age and waited for the renaissance.. 
held on ups and stood through down,
Lived through guilt, 
Survived thorough innocence 

who am I? the dream chaser?
or own record breaker...

Let it be, imperfect me with myself, 
(just like this poem)
Incomplete yet total in run,
Let life be "coming soon" with fun...


Nicely written dear. :)

Nice one :-)

Nice one .:-)

Thanks for your comments. :)


I really enjoyed reading through it. Thanks for sharing the link!

Thanks Sid and Saumya

interesting....nicely written:)

interesting poem...keep writing :)

Well said Amit-aren't we all imperfect?

Yes, We all are. Only few has illusions of being perfect!

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