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...Coming across different shades of life, compels to think in more colours... dream in many worlds! So, my posts reflect that departure n variation!

Bali is amazing country. Beautiful country, honest and sincere people and above all they have protected their dharma and tradition with all will and commitment. 

By Himalayan efforts, untiring hard-work and motivation from Swami Vigayananand ji, around 150 Hindu Youths are here from 11 different countries to participate in World Hindu Youth Congress, 2013. It was first day, and we all got huge treasure of information, knowledge and ideas to arise and organize the Hindu society. 

As the motto of the conference reads: "Arise Arjuna" - A call for all Hindu youths to arise from the ignorance and apathy, get organized and lead the society. 

Its wonderful to meet Hindus from all over the world, and specially from Bali. The session was started with the reciting of Bhagwat Gita, Chapter 2 sloka by Bhavin. Followed by energizing address by the governor of Bali, Mangku Pastika. 

Mr governor call for arise and defend Hinduism by every possible way. He proudly proclaimed that being the governor of Bali, he is also governor of Hindus. I was particularly amazed. First time in my life I am listening to a head of state calling upon Hindus to unite. 

Seriously! Not even the hardcore right-wing, Hindutva brand politician from my country Bharat, which also has the largest Hindu population in the world, would say like this. Apathy towards Hindu identity in India would go only when we have a leader like him. Hopefully someday!

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कितनी बड़ी विडम्बना है जीवन की,
हम एक बड़े कल की उम्मीद रखते है...
और जिंदगी हर दिन सिमटती जाती है॥

सपने हमेँ सोने नहीं देते,
और बेबसी जीने नहीं देती...

दुनियादारी में मानवीय मूल्योँ की बोली लगती है,
देवता बनाने वाला प्यार, बंदिशेँ बना देता है. 
अपनी गलतियाँ अच्छी लगती हैँ...

क्या हम 'हम' रह जाते हैँ? 
या खुद़ से अनजान बन जाते हैँ.. ॥

~ अमित, १७ मार्च २०१३, लखनऊ

(सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित)
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