The Rebel Tales...

...Coming across different shades of life, compels to think in more colours... dream in many worlds! So, my posts reflect that departure n variation!

How to define,
Being me, you or this world...?
Everything changing with time,
Have seen people dying... 

Every day, Every moment,
We get closer to the death.
Observing self with each breath... 

Yet, the illusion of pride and shame,
Unsatisfying the achievement flame...
Is it right to rise on ruins of someone's life,
Is it right to hoard the lust and grieves? 

A rat-race, or just a random epoch of time...
A divine planning or just mixture of ammonia and lime?

Life has lots to answer...
I seek answers in meditation and solitude,
I ask to the nature and its magnitude...

As little time, life has been spent,
The opaque idea is intervened by the sprout of vision.

By the time of death only,
I would come to know the life and its reason.

~  Amit, 20th July 2013

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In recent years, there have been several exposes of the media-government collaboration. Some of them have been even shaming the profession of journalism. Nira Radiia, B. Dutt and many others found working in favor of ministers and the government. This nexus has been very useful for the government, as they can get away with biggest graft charges easily. After all, common people have short term memories like gold fish! One of such media guy rise up to PMO and become OSD with media in charge to PM.

When everyone, among media houses and the intellectual – liberal class was silently endorsing every act of the government, Pratap Bhanu Mehta (@pbmehta ) had a late realization of it and came up with this article 'While we were silent'
There is a saying in Hindi which reads, "Ek to chori, upar se seena jori." The UPA government is exactly doing the same, when OSD to PMO Mr Pankaj Pachauri blamed eminent academician and columnist Prof P B Mehta as 'he was sleeping while India progressed'.
When I pointed out this act of 'arm-twisting' to Pankaj (@PankajPachauri) he gave me PMO Report of Progress.

         Going by the title itself, Mr Mehta has admitted that entire 'intellectual' tribe was silent on every mis-governance of UPA during all these years.  As he admits his crime, he has been silent all these 9 years of loot and scams. This article is too little and too less!
However, Mr Mehta is one of the few intellectuals who don't always repeat govt lines. Though he had been critical to many policy blunders by the government, but He had never been this vocal to point out the daring dictatorship of the UPA government.

While studying this 9 year UPA govt report card, first thing one may notice is its lousy compilation, it appears like a total TRASH! What a CRIMINAL attempt to blur the figures in graphs which are adverse to the government & clearly type the good ones! For example – Page 6 & 7. I had never thought, that the highest office of the government would do something like this!  Unethically, the Data sources are missing in most of the graphs.

As raised as first point by Mr Mehta, the road sector conditions in PMO report are same as his article.  As per this report, it remained almost stagnant.  Ref. Page 53, first graph.
In its infrastructure section PMO report has wickedly highlighted the annual passenger number. Any rise in number of people does not indicate better facility. Rather it shows lack of facility. Yet, its being claimed as achievement.  But did govt produce people?

As per this @PMOIndia report, investment increased 10 folds, but rural roads grew not even twice, tells story of leakage.
On airline sector, this report remains silent on that, every Indian would agree with Mr Mehta as UPA destroyed it totally!

Coming down to the Power sector, We just faced world's largest & longest blackout, thanks to UPA govt.  Though Mr Mehta dint even mention this, people of India are not going to forget this so easily. On energy, Mehta is right on faking act of govt in capacities & actual generation. PMO report also speak only about capacities, remain deceptive about real power generation.
Sluggish rise in per capita power consumption push India much behind as world has risen faster!  What is this? Progress or cheating?

On Education: tall claims of the report assert only mismanagement as stated by Mr Mehta, creating IITs but no quality. First time in history of education, there's no taker for IITs. It's a real shame in name of higher education. Though, Mr Mehta forgot to mention arbitrary "communal freebies" distributed by UPA without any result. UPA government used even higher education to carve its vote-bank
On industry sector also PMO report tells same story as narrated by  Mr Mehta, UPA has planned to kill it. Other points on NREGA and Agriculture tell the same story.

Coming down to the freedom of expression, Mr Mehta observed, "enacting colonial sedition acts on dissents while letting Congress Party official Digvijaya Singh say anything against political opponents"  -  it has proved that UPA has taken India back to colonial era.

In order to forgo all its misdeeds, grafts, scams and failures, UPA government has retorted to tactics of 'secular blackmail' along with tactful use of CBI against Mulayam Singh and Mayawati. Mulayam Singh has accepted this publicly. All these gray acts on political front don't add to any progress either. It appears that we have moved from democracy to total authoritarian form of government.

The comparative study of PMO report and Mr. Mehta 's article proves that Mr Mehta is right in every claim.  Government may gag dissenting intellectuals by arm-twisting, keep other in kitty by buying but even international reports disagree with the official conclusion of progress by UPA government during 2004 – 2013.
Human Development Index by UNDP tells that India is getting backward in terms of human development. Rank among nations was 127 in 2004, it is now 136 ! TEN place fall in global rank of Human Development! Is that call progress?? It can't be defined as progress in any sense!

Not only that, India has fell in Press-Freedom Index as well. During the same time, the Global Hunger Index says India remain within 'Alarming' categories along with several African states.
With all these obvious decline of the India's position, I am sure, could have written much stronger article on this purposefully imposition of backwardness. Yet, he was arm-twisted by Mr Pachauri.

Just to remind this OSD to PMO, we are not sleeping; neither we are ignoring the authoritarian behaviour of UPA government. Let this information reach to the people and they will treat you in best possible ways!
So, Mr Pachauri, please don't do 'arm-twisting' on #SocialMedia because, over here we are the public, and we know everything!

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