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This year has been fulfilling year so far. Our well desired government is at center, India getting prominence in the world. And new visions on development, diplomacy and security are coming afore.
 World Hindu Congress is brainchild of great visionary Swami Vigyananand ji. He conceptualized it in 2009, and presented in VHP-ICM Meet, Mumbai 2010.
And Finally last month the imagination and concept became the reality: When 1800 Hindus from 53 countries, heed the call of “Sangachchhadhwam Samvadadhwam” (Step together, Express together), and converge to put their combined constructive and positive energy together, the event had to be historic for Hindu rise and resurgence.
This happened from 21-23 November 2014 when delegates from around the world gathered
to deliberate the future for a better world at the First World Hindu Congress, through the universal Hindu values and pluralism, in New Delhi, Bharat. Seven conferences, 45 sessions, and 196 speakers provided the opportunity to discuss numerous issues affecting Hindu society and formulate appropriate pan of action.
Event related Press Release is here:
Swami ji has given me the responsibility of Social Media cordinator to the event, with dedicated volunteers like Srini, Liza, Sanjay, Deepak and Sunanda we did well and the resonance of #HinduRise became global. I chaired a session in Youth Conference too.

The WHC was a great experience and lessons learnt during the even would be going to be very useful for the coming organizations. :)

Jai Shri Ram!

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