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Feeling of the political freedom on the eve of Independence Day is very sacrosanct. It recites the duty, and commitment towards the nation! It emphasizes the urge of national unity. Wait a minute! When you think of nation, inevitably the role and image of state comes in. Indian state and Netas ... Can you remember another synonyms for them. They are convicted but still make law for us. They take money for asking questions. They change the law, if it affects their profitable post. Not only them, entire public mechanism fallows suite. And we can say:

Corruption is religion of our nation!

Yes friends! I am talking about my own beloved nation that is called India. Our constitution says that India shall be a secular state. Even the recent EU report refers India as largest secular democracy.
But I believe my nation is not really a secular nation. There is religion, which is practiced by almost every Indian with deep faith in it. And this religion is ‘Corruption’.
One can count hundred thousands of examples about it. But reality is that, we practice is so religiously that it has become a part of our life and we cannot spare it. ‘Esake Bina Jindagi Adhuri ho Jayegi’ (Life will crippled without it.)
Not only crippled, one may lost its life if dare to refuse about it. Yes! You won’t get your birth certificate, can’t access public health services, won’t be able to leave peacefully, won’t get water and electricity and the worst is- even you won’t get your food.
Few weeks ago our PM taught industrialist not to show off their money! While advising them to share the benefits of economic growth with poor, -- he just cracks a serious bad joke for poor. It is an open secrete, that one going to share a penny of it profit to poor. See, what a shame is taking place. New Industrial policies, including SEZ and Corporate Law are aimed to befit industrialist. They are making easy money at the cost of blood and life of poor. But who cares.. Not even PM. And why he should care? He himself is a millionaire!
Leave apart big things.. The issue of daily life is against them who have nothing to expend. If you don’t have enough money you can not get education… forget the higher education, even secondary education is out of reach of poor. And if you have 2-3 lakhs, it really does not matter what your score is.. you just need to rush to Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai or Pune, you can get admission in any Medical, Engineering or Management college. Next step is to join corporate gang to further exploitation of poor. Look at a kid from poor, s/he may score higher, but can’t do any thing as s/he can’t pay even minimum fees at government colleges, because s/he has to earn for family in order service after all it is matter of ‘Papi pet ka Sawal hai’. (It is a matter of subsistence)

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