Friday, November 23, 2012

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and Dharma Raksha

Aurangzeb was the most fanatic among mughal rulers, his Islamic expansion madness resulted in the conversion of Hindus into Islam all across the India. His religious intolerance is the darkest chapter in Indian medieval history.

Not satisfied with mass demolition of temples and forceful mass conversion of Hindu, He decided thet if he could convert the revered Brahmin Pandits of Kashmir that millions of followers would then easily be converted.

He issues orders to Kashmiri Pandits, convert to Islam or die... Threatened with conversion or death, the Pandits panicked. They came in a delegation to Chakk Nanaki, Pargana Kahlur and requested Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji to help them.

Hearing the serious nature of the conversation, Guru Ji's nine year old son Gobind Rai Ji told his father what the problem was.

After hearing Pandits' trouble, Guru ji asked for the possible ways to deal with the problem. His son Gobind Rai responded "Who would be better than you to defend the poor Brahmins".

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji decided to stand up for the right of freedom of worship and told the delegation to tell Aurangzeb that if he could convert Guru Tegh Bahadur they would gladly convert.

Aurangzeb got furious after this challenged and ordered to kill Guruji. Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded at Chandni Chowk in Delhi on 11 November 1675. There stands a Gurdwara named Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib today.

His sacrifice has been graded as the Supreme Sacrifice by many historians in their writings.
Guru Tegh Bahadur - Hind di Chaadar..

Today is the Martyrdom Day of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Jee. Let's salute this great protector of Dharma and Bharatvash.

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Dil Kya Chahata Hai...

मर्ज़ भी है पता और दवा भी मालूम है,
फिर भी ये दर्द पलना चाहता है।
बड़ा नादाँ है ये दिल,
ग़म की आग   चाहता है।

नादानियों के बिना जिंदगी मुकम्मल कहाँ
बड़े शिद्दत से नाकामियों की ओर  चलना चाहता है।

लोग सयाने हो गए, रिश्तो का हिसाब लगते हैं
कोई गिला नहीं दुनिया से, बस अपनापन बदलना चाहता है।
बड़ा नादाँ है ये दिल,
अपने ही ढंग में ढलना चाहता है।

Marz bhi hai pata aur dawa bhi malum hai...
Fir bhi ye dard palna chahta hai..

Bada nadan hai ye dil,
Gam ki aag main jalna chahata hai...

Nadaniyo ke bina jindagi mukkammal kaha,
Bade siddat se nakamiyo ki oor chalna chahta hai...

Log sayane ho gaye, Risto ka hisab lagate hain...
Koi gila nahi duniya se bas apnapan badlna chahta hai,

Bada nadan hai ye dil,
Apane hi dhang mein dhalna chahata hai...

(Ghazal Composed on 23 Nov 2012, by my introspective blues... )
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Namaste Bharat! Happy Deepawali...

'Yunan Misr Roman, sab mit gaye jaha se,
Ab tak magar hai baaki namo nisaan humara...'

Though above line were written by great urdu poet Iqbaal, who turned into a Jihadi soon after the movement of a separate Islamic state. However, these lines tell the truth about human civilization. Every other civilization vanished after upcoming/invasion of new one. At same time Bharatiya civilization continued since the time eternal and will be there till the eternity owing its natural ways and the ultimate resilience.

Since the times before Harappa and Saraswati River civilization and till current 21st century, the Diya of Deepawali has been lightening the land of Bharatvarsh every year.

This Deepawali has always brought Ram Rajya and prosperity to the Bharatiyas. Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram came back to Ayodhya on this great day, Shri Krishana relieved the people from the tyranny from great asuras.

And even today, each and every household of Bharatvarsh welcomes the homecoming of good rule, prosperity, empowerment and the joy.

Unlike west and islamic cultures, where society is largely netted on the mean materialistic relations, where people are violent and cold hearted for others and strangers, we Bharatiya have great respect for every being.

Owing to our seasonal festivals, which come with great lessons of co-existance, inclusion and concept of world-family, the common populace are peace-loving, most tolerant, inclusive, cheerful and ready to welcome every guest with great heart. This is more true even with the people who are on the margins of the society.

I have been lucky enough to see different civilization in person and whenever I compare, my Bharat stand way ahead of others. I am proud of my culture who gave me such a big perspective... I am proud of my forefathers who fought the countless wars to protect our Dharma. And I am committed to pass this culture to coming generation with more richness and protection.


2069 Vikram Samvat
7:11 pm, 13 November 2012
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