Friday, July 17, 2009

Great for gays, now what about the rest?

Gay rights are okay. But what about the implications for others. But one has to wonder at the extreme jubilation when gay communities and couples were in many cases perfectly accommodated prior to this ruling..

Following the recent Delhi High Court decision doing away with Section 377, homosexuals erupted into celebrations. However the different sections of society reacted on different lines with perhaps the sharpest reaction coming from Muslims clerics. Though, this decision is certainly a step ahead in individual liberty, there is a need to understand all aspects of this whole episode. So-called page three personalities, self-proclaimed progressives, media people and attention seekers rallied behind homosexuals. But one has to wonder at the extreme jubilation when gay communities and couples were in many cases perfectly accommodated and faced few legal problems, prior to this particular judgement.

We need to examine another aspect of this current mood of gay-ism. Many gays and their supporters have claimed that homosexuality is the deepest expression of love. Taking this assertion to the next stage, they also claim that only a few are blessed with the inclination and they do everything possible to promote this perspective in the media. However, when we examine the issue from the socio-economic perspective, the reality is far from such claims.

Though they claim they experience liberty through homosexuality, it is sometimes the case that their sexual behavior is a source of embarrassment to others and intrudes into the personal liberty of others. Many times, gays prey on every individual, desperately seeking an avenue for sexual satisfaction. There is a strong correlation between wealth and homosexuality – this only suggests that such an indulgence is resorted to by those of such endowed classes who are done with regular pleasures and desperate for new jinks to satisfy their lust. We have faced many embarrassing moments here in JNU hostel life because of such practitioners.

Flaunting sexuality is not cool but it should not be forced on those who do not have similar tastes. It turns out that they sometimes even target poor teens and kids, when they do not find people of similar tastes. BN Ray, former vice-principal, Ramjas College, was accused of sexually harassing 12 male students in September last year. (Times of India. 8 Nov 2008). No action was taken against him, and even now he is only on paid leave and he has not been technically removed from the college. There are several such incidents that have occurred throughout the country. But 'progressives' and 'liberals' maintain silence on these cases. Victims of predatory homosexuals can be found among poor teen vendor at railways stations, students, and patients. They have been soft targets of such 'deeply loving' people. The trauma, pain and embarrassment of these weak voices are always subsumed. The strong correlation between gay-ism and class privilege, is some indication that this predilection is about sexual adventure. Gays must be prevented from preying on those who do not have similar tastes.

It could very well turn out that some day, non-homosexual people will have to take out a procession for their own existence, with such a slogan: “We are straights, will you gays please leave us alone?”

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