Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blasts in Delhi.. Again! but why??

12th Sept night was little bit lengthy and I was working on my research paper. It happened so time consuming, I went bed at 4.30 AM of 13th Sept, but 3 hours later i had to getup as, friends had came to visit me. without proper sleep, I was not feeling so well, but still have to work. Had my breakfast and started for studying.. within a few minutes I got a call, from someone who was claiming to be a policeman. He straightly asked the contact number of some girl. The number was something like - 9268XX9770. Since, I dint know, I humbly denied that i don't have any number of such person. hearing this, the person gone mad... said, I will book you and 'dekh lunga' and so on.. I kept the call... It was an unwanted, uninvited headache for me.. I called some friends, and by them I came to know that these guys do 'wasooli' (extortion) kinda thing. I called to police control room and informed them about such things. After an hour, someone from Vasant Vihar police station called me and confirmed that the number belong to 'kashmiri gate' police station. I asked, why the hell he dared to call me and talk like this? the fellow on other side said sorry for the incident and said that they have removed my number some list...

I wondered, how badly policemen have decreased upto this level, they are doing 'wasooli' for private firms... they don't have work? don't they care about damn security thing of this city! just few hours later, I heard this news of serial bomb blasts!! It didn't surprise me... one can guess, how easy to carry out such operations, when cops are busy on working for 'call center' kinda sub-contracting job. These blasts have taken lives of more than 40 people, hundred are injured... families ruined and still there will be come statement and counter statement by our politicians. 'Panchnama' by police... News and counter news for TV channels and yet another blast for common man.. who is suffering it the most! Being a common man, you have to pay for their misdeeds, ignorance and immoral acts- all time- when they are at work and when they are not at work. Do you have a clue, how to get into the route cause of the problem? be it Indian mujaheddin, Al-quaida, ISI or CIA or any damn crook criminals!? ... no one have! a system which is valueless, chaotic and greedy from top end to bottom end- we can expect their response.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Let it go...

I have been digitally troubled since last two days.. firstly media bios of my system started showing malfunction. I couldn't listen songs, I could not even record my daily blog.. then I had to fix it, after an operation of my system. finally I was able to fixed it.. a relief!! I enjoyed it by watching animation movie 'Wall.E'. Animation movies are my favorite.
Later, after a nap I went for jogging in evening. When I returned, had shower and after some relaxing started my comp... checked mails.. Now guess what! I logged into my orkut account- found it deleted by orkut due to 'violations' of terms and conditions... w00t! a four year relation with online buddies ended! I was owner of various communities, including on popular academic community. I felt little shabby.. but I have to accept - Jo hota hai achha hi hota hai!
Anything which is created, must have to go someday... and sooner is better! I hope, I can feel less crowded mind now!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google got the Edge again : Google Chrome

Like other millions of netizens, I am a big fan of Google's services and use almost all facilities provided by them. This time, I was waiting eagerly for Google's Internet browser. When download was available, I was among those, who downloaded the beta version of it in very first hour. Using it since last three days, I must say Google has kept its promise for better Internet browser. Not going by Lehman Brothers analysis of Internet browser's share predictions, I can say that Google Chrome can be a future's best browser.


- Faster and easier to use
- Best appearance and reloading
- Better box functions like - Find (Clt + F)
- More screen spaces for page
- Better security encryption (have not analysed on cookies yet)
- Better TAB and Bookmark functions


- Non-compatibility with few websites - hotmail,
- Problem with java based input box functions
- Problem with upload boxes on some pages
- Malfunctioning of page's links

However, going by Google's track record on improvement of its services, I can say that they will certainly improve it in coming versions of Chrome.