Tuesday, July 24, 2012

कैसे सेकुलर हो, अपना नाम भूल जाते हो...

गत दिनों मुनव्वर राना साहब NDTV के एक कार्यक्रम पर आये. मैं उनकी शायरी का बहुत बड़ा प्रशंसक हुआ करता था. ये जनाब राय बरेली के हैं, और शायरी में बेजोड़ हैं. अपने समय के शीर्ष शायरों में इनको शुमार किया जाता है.
    लेकिन उस NDTV वाले कार्यक्रम में मैंने इनका एक अलग ही चेहरा देखा. जो जिन्ना और तालिबान का मिला जुला प्रतीत हुआ:

"तुम्हे हुकूमत मिली तुम गुजरात बनाते हो, 
हमें  हुकूमत मिली हम दिल्ली बनाते हैं...
हम  औरंगजेब हैं, हम अपनी खिचड़ी खुद पकाते हैं"

मुनव्वर साब से ये मुल्लागिरी की उम्मीद नहीं थी. बहरहाल, उनको जवाब मिलना चाहिए:

गुजरात याद रखते हो, काश्मीर भूल जाते हो, 
कैसे सेकुलर हो अपना नाम भूल जाते हो...

पोलिटिकली कर्रेक्ट होना तो बहुत आसान है, 
हैरानी है कि हजारों की गयी जान भूल जाते हो...

मज़हब की दूकान सरेआम चला लेते हो, 
लेकिन अपना फ़र्ज़ और इमान भूल जाते हो...

नोआखाली से रावलपिंडी तक कौम बना लेते हो, 
और लाखों की गयी जान भूल जाते हो...

आगजनी और लूट का अधिकार याद रखते हो, 
और अपनी जमीं अपना हिंदुस्तान भूल जाते हो...

कातिल औरंगजेब भी कही तुमसे अच्छा था, 
तुम तो सेकुलर के चक्कर में आत्मसम्मान भूल जाते हो! 

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उपसंहार:  राना साहब की उत्तेजक शायरी के ठीक २ दिन बाद बरेली और आसाम में दंगे शुरू हो गए... शायद ये इनका असर है या एक आम सोच है, लेकिन एक जिम्मेदार शायर से इतनी नीच सोच की उम्मीद नहीं थी.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Know Your President

Officially the first citizen of India and the supreme commander of Indian Armed forces, the president is not more than a rubber stamp.

Since it is symbolically important to the image and nature of the nation, it reflect the ruling regime and also the electoral fallacy or electoral wisdom.

Last president, allegedly a cook of Gandhi dynasty, reflected India's timid and remote controlled image for 5 years.

Today, new president election results are to be declared. And to keep its tradition, UPA is making another dynasty loyalist Pranab who has a long history as crooked! 

Here are some of his hight level corruption charges:

1. He was holding 'office of profit' at the time he filled nominations.

2. Shah commission, which was made to examine the culprits of Emergency 1975, found Pranab as one of the main power exploiter.

3. As per Frontline: "The commission noted in great detail that Pranab had played a great role in unceremoniously removing T.R. Varadachary as State Bank of India’s Chairman without citing any reason and appointing K.C. Puri in the post. Puri happened to be a close aide of Sanjay Gandhi. The Shah Commission also noted that Pranab, as the Minister of State for Revenue, played a major role in bypassing official procedure during the Emergency to target people who were known for their anti-Congress politics." His decisions and actions during the Emergency (1975-77) were anti-democracy and he harassed the other parties.

4. As per Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Pranab scammed a whopping Rs. 60,000 crores from Indian treasury to benefit Reliance Power. 

5. In his another anti-democratic and anti-Indian move, Pranab saved the culprit of Navy War room leak. 

6. `Mukherjee's name was involved in the controversy surrounding the scam. This was a huge scam to the tune of Rs 2,000- Rs 2,500 crore, in which the then commerce minister Kamal Nath was also involved. Twenty lakh tonnes of rice was exported to a third country under the pretext of supplying it to African nations as part of hunger alleviation projects,'' ~ Arvind Kejriwal

7. And his mightiest blow to the nation was the Economic Crisis  of India and outpouring European and US economy.

Many more serious crimes Dada did to serve the welfare and strong hold of Gandhi dynasty.  His loyalty is being rewarded at the cost of nation. 

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Questioning the existence - A monologue

This time I am not going to ask myself: 'Who am I'
Budhha did that and he gave a solution to us: the middle path.
I would rather ask 'where am I?'

Not at this place where caste, religion identities are the only thing that matter...
Not at this place where I am a part of huge crowd, trying to live like a commoner...
Was not contained by the ambitions or dream,

Hence this place where I am,
Does not impress with its outlook of identities, rush or crime.

I am well behold by my karma and thought.
Seeking own salvation, but in my own way.

Wherever I am, I there to extend helping hands to my extent.

Understanding them but not being their part.
They can create troubles in their ways...

But I have my own path of vogue, and I must go on.
Some nice people called me friend...
Some not so nice people saw me as enemy.

But I am what I am. It might take a bit longer...
As I am by my own.
I must carry own.

I am not here to stay,
Not to contained by success and suppressed by failures...

I am universal set of all those,
Yet a null to be among them.
I am neither alfa, not omega..
I am the 'Aum' the universal truth.

And where I am, is a station of my journey,
Wherever I am, I am responsible for my being. 

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