Monday, March 30, 2009

राजनीति का बिगुल बजा है

राजनीति का बिगुल बजा है,
शकुनी सारे पिल पड़े हैं.
लुटा रहे दोनों हाथो से,
राज-मूषको ने बिल भरे हैं.

जात धरम पर बाँट रहे ये,
अपनी चाँदी काट रहे.
पुलिस, न्याय और प्रशासन
इनके तलवे चाट रहे.
- अमित श्रीवास्तव, अप्रैल २००९
© अमित Amit

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Political Movement of Youth For Euality

Youth For Equality is launching a political wing, which initially has 20,000 students, doctors, engineers, lawyers and common people from civil society. Huge numbers of faculties from various institutions have also joined this movement and today this movement goes public.

This political movement by non-political people is historic as for the first time more than 20,000 students, doctors, engineers, lawyers and faculty-members of various educational institutions across India have come together to launch this movement.

Youth for Equality will not follow the usual route of other political parties in selecting candidates but will support a person who will support our ideology, who will be selected as a People’ Candidate through an open selection process by various organizations, NGO’s, Resident welfare associations and civil society.

Unique features of Our political movement

  1. First time in the history of India a students organization is launching its political wing. Till day Political parties have been launching their student wings.
  1. Membership of Youth for Equality is not open for all but only on reference of an existing member
  1. Person has to work for social cause and give a time commitment of at least one hour every week.
  1. Policies and our directions will be decided by non political people who will never come into executive working of the organization. Office bearers will only be powerless executives discharging their responsibilities.
  1. We are first in India to make our accounts completely transparent and will be disclosed to all every month. How ever small or big transactions may be.
  1. There will be a panel of 3 independent people’s commissioners who will be eminent public personalities to supervise all affairs in the organization. They will not be members of youth for equality.
  1. Will not field our own candidate but will give our platform to People’s Candidate. (Selection of LOK Umeedwar defined in annexure.)
  1. We are also launching a nationwide Election Helpline for using 49’0 (None of the above) option. This helpline will also give details of candidate’s background in Delhi.

    Numbers are 9968880956 and 9968880958


  1. Anti reservation Ideology
  2. First political organization to favor 49’0
  3. No criminals in politics campaign
  4. Swiss Bank 3 Trillion black money belonging to Indians be bought back.
  5. Change -
    1. Outdated Constitution,
    2. Various criminal laws and peoples’ representation act,
    3. Age limit, qualification, right to recall,
    4. Punishment system for criminal, law breakers
  6. Stricter judiciary, stringent laws and no escape route for corruption and other crime including terrorism.
  7. Fixing target and fixing accountability for each small or big government sponsored scheme.

Lok Umeedwar

    Qualifications of a People’s Candidate

    1. Educational qualification : Minimum Graduate
    2. Age: 25-40
    3. Very clean image and a respectable figure
    4. Commitment to our ideology
    5. Resignation before nomination
Selection procedure:
  1. Resumes are being invited from residents across Delhi
  2. All of them will be screened by an expert Panel of eminent people.
  3. Top 10 will be sent to RWA’s, Trader associations, NGO’s and other organizations in that area to give grades to all the 10.
  4. The person with with the best rating will be elected as people’s candidate
  5. And will be fielded from New Delhi constituency and our volunteers will campaign for him.
on email id theone [at]

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Manifesto of Big Loot!!

Election mood is getting crazier and ploys are being designed. Most importantly the foxy politicians are busy in counting their 'vote balance' by all means. Caste, religion, class, poverty despair are their favorite categories on which they will plot the game of power. Criminals, Broker and business class lobbies are close ally of their game. Interestingly, media is also becoming champion for agenda prorogation. Yes, here comes the agenda of political parties.

Best example is congress announcement on Rice। They will give rice to poor। BJP is likely to fallow the suite. Similarly the popular moves like NREGA and Loan waivers are a short term lures for voters, which would be costing very heavy to Indians. Because lot more money will be gathered and mounted in political accounts. The agenda of political parties are intentionally myopic... they want to gain the vote bank at any cost.

The winners of divide and rule policy- 'Congress (i)' is propagating the news that they will bring caste based quota in private institutes, enterprises and ventures. They can do so, because they have been fooling it since Mandal - II. The mass, which is always deprive of mere secondary education, they would rally behind the looters because this mindless party has given 'reservation' to their caste in 'higher education'. These mass would not mind their own illiteracy, which is again designed by this congress party the political heir of the Britishers. And the fact is, those who will be getting all quota fruits, never deserve such quota.

The real problem lies into the basic frame of governance. i.e. the administration, law and order. Wisely, after independence congress choose to continue with suppressive nature of police and exploitative design of bureaucracy. The colonial pattern of judiciary made it a deadly combo to suck the blood of poor Indians. We must not wonder why 42 percent Indians are still poor. and almost half of the population is illiterate.

Institutionalization of colonial heritage into governance has been so deeply internalized that we are to timid to have our own law and penal codes. These bunches of law and codes are as old as 200 years. Why they still exist, because it is exploitative and it favors the ruling class. Our penal codes are the best examples. This explains why non of the political looters has been punished till date and number of scam is going to be in millions.

Don't we need a revamp to all these shitty things left by Britishers! Contrary, our PM goes to their feet in London and express the gratitude for ruling and looting India. What manifesto we can expect from such crooks?!