Thursday, February 23, 2012

Know them well...

"Congress Party is mother of Indian backwardness" - this is a well established fact. The cost we have been paying is huge. 

   I just found a pamphlet, I wrote three years ago while studying at JNU. The context was, the communist parties SFI (CPM) AISA(CPML) along with NSUI (Congress) and ABVP (BJP) were sitting on a hunger strike to implement caste based OBC quota in JNU. 

It is to be noted that government had already issued the notifications, Supreme Court under CJI KGB has already allowed the caste discrimination in higher education... but these quota mongers where still sitting on hunger strike for it.

Though it is funny and foolish act for any other rational human being, but they all were aiming to vote bank. All of them! Govt of Congress party brought this undemanded quota and all rest parties were biting like a dog. 

Have a look at this pamphlet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Discover the peace within

With insatiable need of our time, we are running behind many goals at a time. Fulfillment of multiple desires has been the only direction of our lifestyle. This race is often inspired by materialistic gains and comparisons. This situation lands us in several vulnerabilities. We have time for our desires, but not our true selves. This leads to anxiety, distress and further physical illness.

Question arises, why we become our own enemies by creating such demon in mind? Well, with the help of circumstances and environment, our mind stimulates the emotions and these emotions are very naive and tender to get hurt. When our emotions are hurt, our thinking process starts hatching the negativity which creates the monster in our mine.

Confucius once said, “Before Enlightenment Chop wood, Fetch Water! After Enlightenment, Chop Wood, Fetch Water.
Even if we imply the word of Confucius in materialistic condition, it is much a valid philosophical theorem of practical life. If the aim of life is to meet certain goals, live it like a human after attainment. But most of us set our bar further more and run on sorrow lane of life.

In Buddhist philosophy, it is said that – ‘there are sorrows, and there are also the solutions to these sorrows.’ Since these problems originate in our mind, it is in our hand to eliminate them. We need to witness out thought process. 

In Dharma (Hindu) Spirituality, It is said that watch your thought to become a man of character and control. By merely watching our thought process as unbiased witness, we can attain a condition where our thought process is in our hand. This process can be initiated by the meditation.

Meditation and introspection are essentials for emotional health. Always find time for a dialogue with self. This will bring a peace in hurry, calmness in crowd, stability in crisis and wisdom in anger. Remember, peace of mind is priceless. Don’t allow any individual, institution, or even a cause to disrupt your peace of mind. Being calm and contained, you can contribute more than ever to those people, institutions or to any cause. 

Have a time of own self. Speak with all honesty and you will discover the solution of every problem.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Art of Empire Building in India

'India is world's largest democracy' It is often claimed by the ignorant people... As it is promoted by govt agencies. However, this notion is totally wrong in qualitative and quantitative both terms. The participation percentage is pathetically low, and once you elect the representatives, there is no role for the citizens to say anything.
The colonial systems: Police to terrorize people, bureaucracy to loot public, law to harass commoners and government to 'rule' people, are still intact and continues to drain the wealth of India.

Congress party purposefully keep control on the iron-system of its rule aka empire. Even if it is out of power for a brief period, the loyal pet bureaucrats, judges and diplomats kept congress in loop.

With emergence of Muslim vote bank as the solid voter for Congress party, they have gone beyond the constitution and ethos on which this nation was rebuild in 1947. Millions of deaths are ignore and UPA-1 started 'Islamic Budgeting' for the same reason why India was divided. 

Soft stand on Pakistani terrorists is remarkable behavior of this govt. The terrorist who killed hundreds in day light, is enjoying Biryani with top most security. One of the minister also claimed that Sonia Gandhi, unofficial head of govt wept over death of three terrorist who planted bomb in Delhi.

Having track record of such it is very amusing to see the childish as of this govt to make national anti-terror body. One might wonder, this is what for? To weep over the death of killers??

New anti-terror body proposed by central govt is a new trick of Congress to control on the states, where it lost the power. They are never seriously committed to fight against terrorism.

This trick is to tighten the control over states as Congress party has lost in almost all of major states and would lose in remaining very soon.

The provision of Article 356 was excessively misused against non-Congress ruled states... Right from Nehru to Sonia Gandhi. Many times even judiciary was manipulated to execute non-congress state governments. 

This terror body would provide another weapon in hands of Congress to destabilize non-congress ruled stated and establish its rule through president. Next step is to manipulate the state government machinery and establish Congress rule through next election. 

How can such body expected to work, when the head of ruling party is crying and weeping for terrorists? 

With lame security laps and political sympathy from central government, terrorists would feel encouraged to organize blasts and killing in non-congress ruled states. And in return central govt would shake the state govt.

Certainly this new ploy is not just against the federal structure, but also again the lives of citizens. It must be opposed with all possible means. 

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Exploiting the Democracy

It is needless to say Congress Party of India is an authoritarian political party. Since last thirteen years only a person from Gandhi family is heading it. And since independence only Gandhi family had control over it with a brief period of Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Hence they have used the mask of democracy for their real manifestation of authoritarian rule ever since 1947. Public opinion is framed on their wishes through distorted fact feeding through text books and media houses. 

The senseless comments and statements by Congress party leaders are aimed to specific electoral group. They know how to comment as nonsense and make votes out of it.

When Congress party rules, there is no difference between party and government. Party become the government. 

In a true democracy, despite having majority's government, every citizen has equal rights on services, facilities and resources. But Congress proudly proclaimed that minorities have the 'FIRST' right over resources. This rot is certainly going beyond the Jinnah, as even he dint claim like this. 

The helpless of opposition to counter such stupid proclamation gave an added advantage of congress. The silent spectator role of BJP proved their intellectual bankruptcy or the 'courage to face the Brutus’.

In this series of exploitation of govt institution by Congress; the most recent is the use of government media for proxy advertisement during the prohibition hours.  

It was 2nd phase polling today in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The promotions and advertisements are prohibited a day before polling. But look at the method, how Congress use every possible govt institution for its own purpose - the prime time news at All India Radio proudly proclaimed PM's 15 points 'minority' development programmes. It was aired for one minute in each bulletin a day before polling day and during the polling day. This particular advt was aired before.

This tactful advertisement is all about Congress efforts to consolidate all minority votes in its favour. While other political parties cant do anything during this period.
A study published in EPW shows 2% increase in Muslims vote to Congress, bring them back in power as UPA-1 

After that, they managed to break in Hindu communities too. OBC quota in central institution was meant for this purpose. When unconstitutional Muslim quota was announced by Congress party, the OBC leaders like Mulayam Singh and others were sure that Congress will raise 50% ceiling in reservations. Hence they supported it.
The worst part of this problem, the only meaningful opposition BJP has no solution to these mean plots of Congress. 

But darker part of Indian politics is getting over. Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have inspired masses to go and vote. The substantial increase in voting is definitely a positive sign.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Story of Blackberry

Prologue: Smartphones are addictive

How a Blackberry Phone 'feels' - enjoy reading
Dear Owner,

Read this - its nice and fun ...

I'm so lucky I'm your BlackBerry!

You hold me with both hands as gently as u could be.

You ensure that I am always with you.

If I fall you are afraid of my injury.

I always have your undivided attention, you get upset if others disturb our time together.

U can never forget me in a taxi & u won't let me go unlike my old friends nokia, sony and samsung that u would proudly just hand over.

When u eat, I'm beside u.

When u r on the toilet seat, I'm with u.

When u sleeping, my head is by ur pillow.

When I scream u rush and pick me like an egg.

When I feel low, you make every effort to recharge my battery.

When I am hungry, you fill me with airtime.

You buy me all sorts of clothes to cover my precious skin.

And if I make u feel like a cowboy u strap me to ur waist or jeans.

Every month you ensure that you set aside the money, to buy me bundles (of love).

You upgraded me from my friends nokia, sony and samsung to a Curve, Bold & Torch.

You rush home from work and spend quality time with me; not really bothered to make a conversation with those at home.

You can sit up with me for hours and smile at me, yet I have no humanly emotions; sometimes I make u laugh that ppl think u are mad.

I watch your spouse who envies our time together.

But dearie...
I appeal to you.
Your life is wasted because of me.
Take some time, leave me aside and Sort out issues that are important to you
because I may love you as much as you do love me but I'm just a blackberry,
nothing more!.

Kind Pings,
Your BlackBerry


Published in welfare of millions of youth population.


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जो मेरे थे...

मैं और मेरा अंतर्मन,
खोजने चले थे सुंदरतम,
जो हो सम्पूर्ण-सर्वोत्तम.
जहाँ  पर कोई प्यास न हो,
जीने-मरने की त्रास न हो.

ऐसा कभी संभव भी  था?
फिर भी यह एक अनुभव ही था.

कुछ लोग मिले कुछ बिछड़ गए,
सबका अपना ही मतलब था,
जीने की आपाधापी में,
कुछ बने संबन्ध कुछ बिगड़ गए..

कितने मिले और चले गए, 
बस साथ रहे जो मेरे थे...
सुख-दुःख में साथ निभाते गए,
जो साथ चले वो मेरे थे...

सम्पूर्ण होना अब संभव है,
जो हैं  मेरे, उनके लिए,
इनसे ही नव निर्माण का अनुभव है...

( मैंने यह कविता सन २०११ के बसंत में लिखी थी... )

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Politics, Sex and Democracy

A few weeks ago, entire cabinet of a state government has to resign due to alleged 'rape and murder' of an unofficial political 'keep' by a state minister. India media managed a down play and story dint go viral.
Yesterday, some foolish MLAs were watching porn on their smartphones within the assembly house... And this story is still being played with some spices even by International media.  At local social media, It went viral with hashtag #porngate  .
It is not a new incident for Indian politics or even for global politics. Clinton's famous blow-job-scandal, Gandaffi's virgin army and teen-sex-fetish of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi are some of recent politicians' sex-masala news.
The important question arises, why politicians are too much into sex? Ancient and Medieval Feudalistic societies of Roman and Egypt had such sex obsessed rulers, but the situation was explained by the existence of authoritarian regimes where commoners were helpless and can be killed for refusal of being sex-object.
But our 'civilized' society, being ruled by democratically elected heads are not much different. These incidents explained the deep link of sex and politics. It can be explained through two probable reasons:
1. The Higher Sex-quotient: May be the introvert-extrovert politicians have much energy to indulge into illicit sex to satisfy their urges...
2. The control: They might be thinking that they are the lord and can do anything.
In this context, it is to be noted that third world countries have highest number of sexual exploitation by police, army and govt authorities. It is true from Africa, middle-east, Asia and elsewhere. 
In India, even a police office can get away with sexual exploitation despite decade long legal battles... One can imagine how hard it is to even register a rape case against ruling families here in Indian. (Interesting to note that : was banned by govt in this regard.)
There was widespread anarchy in history of Indian democracy when emergency was in place... During that time too, sexual exploitation was on high. Luckily, we had some brave paper and steel spined journalist.
Sadly we don't have any newspaper now, they are propaganda paper and sell sex items through Page 3 column. When it comes to 'sex' they try to add masala along with their business objectives. Its true with global newspapers too. National Post could be stupid enough, not to understand the the difference between Parliament & Assembly? ( )
The reasons could be anything but media guys are definitely encouraging the ruling class for illicit sexing! And hope Social Media could help in generating common consciousness against them!