Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Discover the peace within

With insatiable need of our time, we are running behind many goals at a time. Fulfillment of multiple desires has been the only direction of our lifestyle. This race is often inspired by materialistic gains and comparisons. This situation lands us in several vulnerabilities. We have time for our desires, but not our true selves. This leads to anxiety, distress and further physical illness.

Question arises, why we become our own enemies by creating such demon in mind? Well, with the help of circumstances and environment, our mind stimulates the emotions and these emotions are very naive and tender to get hurt. When our emotions are hurt, our thinking process starts hatching the negativity which creates the monster in our mine.

Confucius once said, “Before Enlightenment Chop wood, Fetch Water! After Enlightenment, Chop Wood, Fetch Water.
Even if we imply the word of Confucius in materialistic condition, it is much a valid philosophical theorem of practical life. If the aim of life is to meet certain goals, live it like a human after attainment. But most of us set our bar further more and run on sorrow lane of life.

In Buddhist philosophy, it is said that – ‘there are sorrows, and there are also the solutions to these sorrows.’ Since these problems originate in our mind, it is in our hand to eliminate them. We need to witness out thought process. 

In Dharma (Hindu) Spirituality, It is said that watch your thought to become a man of character and control. By merely watching our thought process as unbiased witness, we can attain a condition where our thought process is in our hand. This process can be initiated by the meditation.

Meditation and introspection are essentials for emotional health. Always find time for a dialogue with self. This will bring a peace in hurry, calmness in crowd, stability in crisis and wisdom in anger. Remember, peace of mind is priceless. Don’t allow any individual, institution, or even a cause to disrupt your peace of mind. Being calm and contained, you can contribute more than ever to those people, institutions or to any cause. 

Have a time of own self. Speak with all honesty and you will discover the solution of every problem.


Dr Rita Pal said...

I thought this was very sensitively and brilliantly written. Well done A.

One issue - one can spend too much time being "introspective" at the cost of others :) But that is something we all learn with time.

One of your insightful and very human posts.


Anonymous said...

So simple but lack of will to understand.

मिश्री की डली ज़िंदगी हो चली said...

happiness is peace is only within us..truly said :)