Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let it be, imperfect me with myself

On 29th June, 2012

One more year passed by, 
while I remained the one...
Staying and counting by.

Life has been a space in time..
Where people come and go, 
They have to go and they do so.

While being me, most of the time,
into the thoughts and reality... 
I Seldom forgot, 
when to dim, when to shine. 

It was only me, 
lived in dark age and waited for the renaissance.. 
held on ups and stood through down,
Lived through guilt, 
Survived thorough innocence 

who am I? the dream chaser?
or own record breaker...

Let it be, imperfect me with myself, 
(just like this poem)
Incomplete yet total in run,
Let life be "coming soon" with fun...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ignorance is our leisure...

“Ignorance is the night of the mind, a night without moon or star”  ~ Confucius

Starting with this quote of Confucius, I wanted to draw our attention on the ignorance we are carrying forward in our daily life. It is not about being a pessimist or being a critique, but an observation from real life situation. 

Talking about our society and country... a high level of ignorance could be found at every aspect. It is not only political, economic but also societal and personal.

One of the most common attribute to the ‘educated’ class, when you talk about ‘politics’ or ‘public policy’ they make face of disgust. It a fashion and its contagious. They would flaunt it and say, ‘I hate politics’. Majority of them, never go and vote. However, they never miss a chance to cruse and abuse the criminal type political leader who was elected due to ignorance of such people.
But they love their ignorance! And you cant convince them to do... not to blame. 

The Ignorance [Image Atribute:]

The fundamental rights of a human being are being systematically ignored. Identity politics is part of daily life at cost of poor. In primary education, secondary education, higher education, in government programmes and even in business and public sector jobs.
Demoractic rights are curtailed too. You cant contest elections on more than half of seats in local bodies, and almost one third of the seats of Parliament. You have only voting rights that too, only once to elected! Our ignorance dint allow us to rise above the level of being apologist to the rough sectarian politics.
Courts are continuation of British era, with a sole purpose to justify the ruler’s act. Our ignorance does not allow questioning a verdict or functioning of the court.   Thanks for Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha of the Allahabad High Court, only once, court did it duty and the ruling class got furious. The resultant is known as the darkest hour of Indian democracy

Since then courts are almost doing what government wants. KGB was best last example and he is enjoying chairman of a national commission after retirement. Oh! Sorry, If you dint understand the above para, I was only talking about the ignorance of ‘educated-aware-able’ class. 

Well, ignorance is bliss for many... after all you need not to worry about things which have nothing to do with you. But that ignorance also hides the fact that every public policy is related with the life of an individual.

- Amit Srivastava , Lucknow 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Indian Economy, Scams and Economic Sovereignty

While all Indians are living uncomfortably under a scam ridden country, the trails of graft and scams are still coming with same speed. 

For example, just one major 2G scam ($ 40 Million) is substantial portion of India's GDP ($1.73 Trillion). Since then huge scams like Commonwealth Games Scam,  Coal Scam, KG Basin Oil Block selling, NRHM Scam, MNREGA Scam and IPL Scam are equally huge, the portion of black money is huge in proportion in Indian power game. 

It is funny to see the top brass of government are not only covering up all he scams but also taking retrogressive steps to shoot down new business and start-ups.  The Annual Budget 2012-2013 of Indian Union presented by Finance Minister Pranab Mukharjee imposed a new tax ‘Startup Tax’.
“It is proposed to insert a new clause in section 56(2). The new clause will apply where a company, not being a company in which the public are substantially interested, receives, in any previous year, from any person being a resident, any consideration for issue of shares. In such a case if the consideration received for issue of shares exceeds the face value of such shares, the aggregate consideration received for such shares as exceeds the fair market value of the shares shall be chargeable to incometax under the head “Income from other sources. However, this provision shall not apply where the consideration for issue of shares is received by a venture capital undertaking from a venture capital company or a venture capital fund.”

When entire world is promoting home grown industries, protecting the economic welfare of nation based MNCs, the dumb fellows of the largest market of the world is hurting own companies and start-ups.

            Though, it was taken back after corporate world called it Pranab’s Death Blow to Startups in India , extremely ill advised and Devil in the Budget . But it exposed the pressure from west on Indian government to harm its own SMEs. It is certainly the ‘indirect bailing out the Boston at the cost of Bangalore’ in line with what Barak Obama wanted.

Huge list of services under tax gambit was only to fuel the already rising inflation and dearness. An additional tax burden of Rs. 45,940 crores (app. $10 billion), are be imposed on the citizens.

As per the Economist, the poor show on economic reforms reflects the politics. No strict measures taken on graft, political control and monopoly on coal, infrastructure and natural resources; rather it was promoted through indirect means of taxes for ‘Social Programme’.

            The recent backing to Greece, Spain and Italy by IMF and Indian contribution to it, is yet another example of weakening of the Indian Economic Sovereignty.

The international agencies are new means for monetary control.  This fact is well analyzed by the book: “The World Bank in India: Undermining Sovereignty, Distorting Development” .
“Going by a report in The Economic Times of Aug. 29, 2010, India was the largest recipient of World Bank loans, with over $9 billion (15 percent of all loans) as of the fiscal year ending June 2010. When the country already has an embarrassment of riches, why it mortgages itself to a dubious moneylender is a mystery.”

New global regime of economic colonial power playing it well, and our political leaders are only helping them. The questions arise are we just divided voters and taxpaying jerks for our government and UPA allies? Or we are just market for western economic colonial powers? Indian democractic system does not give any power beyond voting to Indian citizen. All we can do is to read and write... discuss and argument!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's have a personal revolution!!

I was told, truth prevails...
But lairs got most of it.

I was told honesty sails,
But cheats made most of it.

I was told, love wins all,
But found it was nothing but calculations...

They said, hard work pays,
And by preaching they made millions.

They call up on to help the suppressed,
And they always wanted to be their leader...

They call for justice,
But saved the 'references' for own self purpose.

They call up on revolution,
But only as their power solution!

Who are they?!
Why can't they call the spade a spade?!

They are made of all ourselves,
The self core means and hidden agenda.

The ethics are for 'others'
'Someone else' should speak the truth.
Get me rich, suppressed will always be poor...

That double faced bastard
live though our situational hypocrisy.

Let's get it straight,
Be the mean but don't lie.
Tell the truth that you do sell dreams...

Tell people that one's self is best well-wishes.
No preaching, no dream selling!

Let's have a renovation,
Against ourselves and against our conditional solutions,
a personal revolution!!

1 June 2012
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