Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Poor and Environment : Who cares about them?

Environmental concerns are least bothered by government and policy agencies. Hence, the ecological priorities are at last place not in public policies but also on the individual sensibility as well.
Politics, caste, cricket, movies and sexual gossips are the favorite topics of educated section of Indian mass, while other masses keep themselves busy discussing fake and doctored aura of family politicians, movie stars, local goons and livelihood worries. Environment does not make it anywhere.   The traditional values which had concerns about commons are on rapid way of extinction. Now, grooves are not consider sacred, rivers are no more consider lifelines and mothers. The ruthless materialism via greedy capitalism is getting into the nerves of everyone.
The concept of sustainability was so much internalized in Indian traditions to treat the commons with respect, but the western protagonists, specially the Marxists discard these ecological traditions as well… sometimes in name of secularism, sometime in name of development.
The people of margins, the poor are always the development refugee or environmental refugee. Interestingly, Marxists make their livelihood in name of these poor people.  They exists in all AC govt offices, research organizations, and costly drawing rooms, they care only about surrogated western ideology of Marx. They don’t even feel pity about Indian poor who are development refugee or environmental refugee by public and private projects.
Only few days ago, India had it first environmental martyr, who chose to die instead of seeing the miners’ greedy dirt in Holy River Ganga.  Swami Nigamanad died fasting against mining mafias who are still polluting the Ganga. I received information of his long fast on 40th day of his fast, with my limited capacities, I sent mail to authorities, groups and no result. I was not surprised by such lame response on environmental issue.  Our priorities are really skewed and screwed!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Delhi Traffic Police: Delivering via Social Media!

While Delhi police dont have good reputation in handling the grievances of citizens, the IT division is doing excellent  job via Social Media, Phone Calls and SMS.
    Recently, one rouge policemen charged and ceased my vehicle inappropriately, even though there was offense from my side. It caused me lots of inconvenience, I had to run around police stations for one week. While my complain against this act is still under process, I came to know about the Delhi Traffic Police's facebook page. I started following the posts and actions.
   I was surprised to see the attentiveness and grievances disposal mechanism was being delivered via facebook seamlessly. On this page, the aware citizen can post about offensive or inappropriate acts of vehicle owners, or about some abusive policemen, or any query about the document, all matters are being addressed promptly. The blow is screenshot from the facebook page of Delhi police posted few hours ago:

I must congratulate to the concern personnel and Delhi Traffic Police for using social media to approach citizens. This example is best role model for other police departments, at least the in four main metros. I wish to see the end of red-tap-ism and the rule of gundagardi from Indian police by enabling IT, Social media and People's participation.