Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Erasing Our Faith and History!

Since last one week, the national news is focused on validating and un-validating the religious belief, the faith of 80 million people of India. And this time again target was Ram. Both opponent of Ram and Supporter of Ram are misusing Ram's name.
One of these stupid leaders... is a leader from Tamilnadu. Since, his and his party politics is based on enmity from Hindi, Hindu and North India, he has been pushing it hard to get his agenda done. NDA, a non-rational collitions passed to much stupid legislation... and this UPA govt is trying to overtake NDA in such legislation.
After Quota in higher education, separate investments and development plans for a specific religious group, this mindless govt's another step is to let the Hindu's of India feel self pity on their self.. Living with a hostile government who is creating enmity among its different caste, discriminating for being Hindu and blasting off it's religious structure. (Ramsetu)

I have been doing an independent study of Ram setu since last two years. Agitated by the dubious acts from NASA, I started thinking to work on Ram Setu. This study was to analyze Ram Setu’s position and structure from Remote Sensing and GIS perspective. One can manipulate common population using technical jargons as

Many anti-Hindu elements quoted NASA on the age determination of Ram Setu. Of course one cannot decide the age of rock, but the structure, formation, association and visual interpretation can always be done using satellite images. And this is where remote sensing is concern.

- On the basis of remote sensing principles and image analysis my study found that this structure is man made.
- It is constructed on the basic bridge making rules.
- Patterns of water passage and gaps are based on the bridge suitability.
- Comparative studies with similar landforms indicate, this structure is not natural and it was engineered to cross the narrow channel.
- Ram Setu is best example of cross Channel Bridge as it is designed sustain the waves and tsunami current, which are frequent in Bay of Bengal.

(For pseudo leftist and dummy secular people I would like to say one more thing: - don't dare to label me with any political ideology. It is an independent study and independently inspired work. I personally respect all faith and religious beliefs)

EIA and SIA were never done for this project. Let see, how the mess happened… even they are not getting any economic return:

• Even though they blast off the whole structure, NONE of commercial ship can pass though it. This ship would be coming again in same route -encircling Sri Lanka.

• The economic returns will be not equalized even in 80-90 years to the investment made till now.. As it can only pass small boats and steamers

• The ecological hazard will be more than any return in your national interest as it will devastate the sea ecology. That cannot be undo in any case.

• The digging ship which was bought from Holland is damaged which cost 200 million $ as rock structure is not oceanic

• Kerala will be exposed to Tsunami waves, it was Ram setu, which protected it..

• And at last but not least- Its matter of faith. I huge social cost to be paid by anyone, who is erase whole structure