Saturday, December 18, 2010

This too will pass away!

All passion and obsessions are matter of time. The love, care and relation… everything is time bound. The society, culture and politics too dependent on ever changing time. The change is only constant. And time is only dimension. Every thing will pass away, not to wait, not to watch… play your part at best… rest will be history in your name. Because, human history is history of few men, who believed in themselves!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Technical potentials of India in IT sector

Last night I was with my friend who is working with CISCO systems. Eventually we started discussing about the technopenure-ship in context on Indian market. The talent and potential of human resources in India is ultimate but the innovation instinct is lacking. Many a times, innovative ideas are not welcomed by already established industries. The best utilized skill for Indian human resources is – trouble shooting. All self acclaimed technocrats are indulging into this kinda work. It is not just about Indian OS, A Global Indian IT brand but also basic things are badly missing.  Smaller countries like Japan, Korea, and Thailand have their keyboards in their respective scripts. But that thing seriously lack in India. Even when the Indian languages are much easier than Mandarin, Korean Thai or Japanese, we don’t have a workable Hindi keyboard. Likewise, there are many such things which are still alien to Indian land but many Indians are master practice-nor of these technologies. There is a dire need to connect the desi originality with the technical innovations.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

when you are in control

My three months at Bangkok have been unusual for a lone single male; as my friends say here. I dint go behind any glittery thing here - material or immaterial . Rather, I joined some spiritual discourse by Buddhist and Hindu sage and monks. For me, it was a big testing time for my own self awareness. I experimented with my thoughts, work, reaction of others and survival skills in not-so-alien land. These days in Bangkok taught me a good lesson for life, 'When you take control of your own life, nothing can happen with you beyond your wish. All worries including stress, anxiety, disappointments, sadness and existential crisis, just wither away. The self awareness becomes more profound and you feel what your wish to feel. This control over own consciousness could be gained by simple meditation focused on realization of self-existence.' No one, no reason and no matter can make you sad. So, you must take control of your own life.    

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Run of Life

All adventures and dangers make life interesting, if you are out there alone n cold. You think, you cry, you rejoice, your breakdown... no expectations from someone, no hope for consolation... you got to mentor your own 'run'... and you get out of emotion for further run. The motivation of a better life make the obvious dream... Nothing but a good life is fascinating, and you keep running behind it. You look at others enjoying all fun of life... you console your campaign - 'my life can wait for a good time' and you further run for the dream... and you realize that the running was the only life you had.

Friday, October 15, 2010

मैं वो नहीं जो आपने समझ रखा है...

मैं वो नहीं जो आपने समझ रखा है...
वो 'मैं' कोई और था, ये 'मैं' कोई और.

तो हम आज की बात करते हैं -
मुझे आज भी तन्हाईयाँ पसंद तो हैं
लेकिन महफ़िल से कोई गुरेज नहीं. 

मैं ज़माने की बात तो करता हूँ आज भी,
लेकिन खुद से अब परहेज नहीं.

पहले बस सोचता था - अब समझ चूका हूँ,
मैं हूँ तो दुनिया है नहीं तो बाकी सब कहानी है!
 -  अमित  ©Amit
  14 October 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The real terrorists!

It is ideology which changes the fate of nations and regimes, not the political parties.  Political parties may be or may not be just mere manifestation of some aspects of a particular ideology. The best example of this ideological manifestation was – the formation of Pakistan.
The ideology, which gave birth to Pakistan was not invented by Muslim League but it was founded by  Sir Saiyyad Ahmad decades before it was materialized by the separatist party. This is the reason, all historians and intellectuals of modern India termed him as traitor. Interestingly,  such anti-national traitor got recent facilitation at JNU, in heart of capital India by the leaders of NSUI- a student wing of Congress.  I raised this questions to them too – why to celebrate a traitor's birthday. They dint reply, they knew they are just trying to re-seed that ideology once again! These people, sections of congress, leftists proudly claim to be secular – and successfully do that because our designed learning system teaches us that being pro-muslim is secularism. I think, Osama would the biggest secular person by this definition!  When Pakistan has become the eye of global Islamic terrorism,  the ideology of Mr Ahmed got globalized in true sense. 
                 When I was in India, I tried to follow Urdu New paper in a week of July – to see the mood of Muslim intellectuals who spread ideological issues to majorly Muslim masses; as one of my Muslim friends told me about their indirect wrong deeds. I decided to follow the translated part of ‘Urdu Rashtriya Sahara’ in first and second week of July this year. The editorial was written by Mr Aziz Burny; about whom I had a good image as we conversed many times on my last facebook profile. 
Interestingly, it was the time when ‘hired’ protester just started their stone pelting ceremony in Kashmir.  However, Mr Burny choose to write about Amarnath Yatra problem and its discovery by Muslim shepherd – which was completely wrong. In same article he lashes out at RSS and BJP because Mr Chidambaram had recently termed them ‘Saffron’ terror and Mr Burny dint want to lose this golden opportunity.  In coming issues of that week he continued attacking BJP while the larger concerns for Indian scenario were Kashmiri separatists that time. But he was doing it purposefully. He also raised indirect questions on Indian occupation on Kashmir by telling stories against Raja Hari Singh of Kashmir. Contrary to common mass – I realized why he is doing like that – the indirect support to those separatists.  And left-secular (read it real communal) media all it secularism, BJP-RSS are novice in tackling such intellectual mass attack and nationalist intellectuals has to place to write. Such kind of wholesome effort from government, media and direct-indirect separatists would led to another division for sure – they are just waiting for demographic changes. This issue is on the pivot of democratic vulnerability.   
       In absence of a strong opposition, democracy could not remain democracy – it converts itself to constitutional dictatorship. Nehruvian period, the most dark period of Indian diplomacy and period of pre-emergency and during emergency of Indira period were best Indian examples of it. But progressive and ‘democratic’ left-liberal media want BJP-RSS to die – a very undemocratic wish one can have in a plural society.  So, they can go beyond the limits of militant secularism and often sided with Kashmiri separatists and the ideologies of exclusive Islamic state. Hence, If you say, ‘Jai Shri Ram’ people get offended in India; but saying Salam-a-lekum, Insa-allah, Allah-Hafiz make them secular. They are not cynical just by media, but curriculum too teaches the same. The ignorant and adamant self proclaimed Hindu voices don’t have anything to address this systematic offence.  
The problems of majority don’t end here, they have another group of enemies. These are newly educated and argumentative Indians who have discover the reality of congress’s secularism and also have found the reason behind blasts in Indian cities. Though, this set of people do support RSS-BJP but when they are asked publically, they straight forwardly decline to support that ideology. By doing so, they are only making spaces of separatist seculars who are becoming exclusivist day by day. Such persons are indeed foe in disguise of friends for the health of democracy. 
So, what is the solution to stop this terrorist making ideology? By now, you must have an answer of it.
Jai Shri Ram!!
(If you just got offended, you dont deserve to live in democracy.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

यही दुनिया है

जिंदगी वो नहीं,
जो हमने जाना था.
बातें वो नहीं थी जो माना था. 
यहाँ तो सीधे रास्ते में  
कई मोड़ हैं,
बहुत बातें हैं और भी कई तोड़ हैं. 
सब लोग मुखौटा लगाये घूमते हैं,
क्या ये रियाज है नौटंकी का?
या फिर यही दुनिया है,
और ऐसे ही जीना है.  

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ayodhya Verdict: Won, Cheated or ‘Managed’

30 September 2010

Ayodhya Verdict: Won, Cheated or ‘Managed’

Everyone is happy with the High Court decision about Ayodhya. The tensed environment suddenly became cheerful and people were congratulating each other - Hindus, Muslims and Govt. Lets look at why they are celebrating - Hindus were thinking that having a secular (or pro-Muslim) government whatever comes would be welcoming. But they got more than what they expected. Verdict (Including Justice S U Khan's) accepted existence of Ram temple at the disputed place. Though, it is nothing new, whole world know that Ayodhya is birth place of Shri Ram and Mecca is birth place of PBUH Muhammad. But law fearing Hindu community does not practice jihad or a nation based on religion, hence, there is no global brotherhood or even local organization among them. However, for Muslims, there was nothing to lose. They were sure that whatever comes, even one-tenth of its part would be victory for them. Hence they congratulated. In fact, this controversy is solely result of adamant behaviour of Muslim bodies.
Much before Islam was discovered or Muhammad was born in Saudi Arabia, there were temples of Ram in Ayodhya. The objective of Islam, to convert whole world into Islam drove them for bloodiest invasions and attacked to non-Islamic nation-states. In medieval period, Asia, Europe and Indo-China was conquered by brutal Islamic forces and converted to Islam. The existing institutions of worship such as temple, church, Buddhist stupas and vihars were destroyed and Mecca facing mosques were erected on demolished structure. A mosque nearby Qutab Minar is best example in Delhi. Such examples could be found at any historical place in India. Defaced statues tell the real horror story of that time. Due to Bhakti Movement (Thanks to Tulasi, Ramdev, Surdas, Kabir and Meera) main land India still remained unconverted even after paying huge Jajia Taxes and brutality of barbarian rulers. The fringe areas, Gandhar (Afganistan), Panchal (Sindh-Punjab) and Bengal was largely converted due to maximum impact of Islamic brutality and taxation. Entire mid-east, Malaysia, Indonesia converted to Islam during same period. In modern times, the tendencies of global Islam remain the same - the ultimate objective of Islamic world. Iranian revolution made Islamic fundamentalism a political force from Morocco to Malaysia. (Reference - Nasr, Vali; The Shia Revival, Norton, (2006), p.121) In this perspective any gain at Ayodhya would contribute to the global Islamic agenda, hence Sunni Wqaf Board too feel elated.
However, the roles of government in doctoring court’s decision become questionable. The appointment of Justice S U Khan in the panel was a cleaver move and justice Khan didn't disappoint govt either he nicely but irrationally put his Islamic agenda. As reported by Indian Express 'Justice S U Khan said the mosque had been built by, or on the orders, of Babar but not by demolishing a temple. The masjid, he said was built on the ruins of a temple. He also said some material of the temple, which was in ruins, was used in construction of the mosque.' (
Now let’s discuss the logic of justice Khan's observation. First, how a birth place temple of Shri Ram could turn into ruins. Can Kaba of Mecca turn into ruin in any history of Human being? Hinduism was the largest religion of that time (even larger than our times) and Lord Ram was in heart of all Indian. Ayodhya was among char dhams. How an educated or aware person could conclude that? I wonder. Indian history reads that whenever a foreign invader attacked Indian territories, they looted temples and demolish them. Somnath, Varanasi, Mathura are still telling the story. Even country born Muslim rulers like Jahangir (a son of Hindu mother), Shahjahan and Aurangzeb demolished many Hindu temples and made mosque in place of those temples. Babar was a looter with no intention of ruling or staying in India. But our justice Khan declares ' not by demolishing a temple'?  - On what basis he says so, no one can understand. Next point of his observation about materials of that structure which was from demolished temple. But he says it was taken from ruins. Is it kidding? No ruin material is used in making new building; and certainly not in religious buildings. So, if you feel elated, please enjoy it. Celebrate our unity or whatever... but our justice system is sick and very much in terminal stage. I wonder what if there had been two Muslim judges and one Hindu judge!
Democracy/Legislative should not manipulate the justice system. However, it has become common practice in India. Not just government, even personal concerns of Judges have made many judicial disasters in India. Some famous cases include Bhopal Gas tragedy, communal reservations and limits of reservations, communal budgeting, and caste census. This tendency appears as managing and manipulating to keep everyone happy at the cost of common man’s life. It is suicidal for democracy and unity of the country as well. On the Ayodhya issue they have just postponed the disaster to get it maturity and severity. 

 (Amit Srivastava)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nurturing the anti-national elements: Maoists in capital

Summery:  Even knowing the fact that the recent incidents of Kashmir was sponsored and instigated by Jihadi terrorists groups like Hizbul Mujahideen, these handful of guys were voicing the 'Kashmiri-Nationalism' and crushing Indian state of being expansionist.

LAST NIGHT there was a bizarre event organised by Maoists-Naxalite groups at Jawaharlal Nehru University. This was a ‘march’ in support of Kashmiri separatists. All India Student Association (AISA), a student outfit of CPI(ML) and Democratic Student Union, a student wing of banned CPI(Maoists) were the organisers. All anti-Indian slogans were raised. It may seem quite strange to outsiders, but for a JNU student it has became a habit to see these two organisations abusing the very idea of national integration. Even knowing the fact that the recent incidents of Kashmir was sponsored and instigated by Jihadi terrorists groups like Hizbul Mujahideen, these handful of guys were voicing the ‘Kashmiri-Nationalism’ and holding Indian states as expansionist and repressive.

DSU has been always writing against 'Indian State' and 'Indian Nation' though this organisation has less than ten members but since all of them belong to elite families they have all financial and legal protection, even JNU administration can’t dare to ask them a question. The other organisation AISA is well know for its opportunistic stand on pro-Maoist and anti-Maoist issues. However, all its tricks are to get the support from different sections of student community. The much controversial celebration of the killings of Central Reserve Police Force men by Naxals was also organised by these two leftist organisations. The common student is not confused why they are supporting Kashmiri separatists. This support offered by them is as an aid to defeat India as nation so that they can have Maoist regime in near future along with the ideological support from Islamic terrorists from Kashmir and Pakistan.

Since CPI(ML) being a political party, their kids (student wing) AISA can’t write on directly offending India as nation, they have created a decoy organisation in name of 'Student for Resistance'. A pamphlet dated July 9, 2010, issued by 'Student for Resistance' openly support the 'Kashmiri-Nationalism' and rejecting the existence of India as nation in any form. Further more, this pamphlet also held Indian state as 'expansionist' and 'repressive'.

At the same time, these groups completely ignored the bigger violation of humanity by Maoist when they killed 26 men by blast. They remain silent on this issue as student community condemned and rejected their celebration of killings last time. Their hypocrisy is further exposed when it comes to the rights of Kashmiri minorities and forceful obstruction of Amarnath Yatra by very same Kashmiri separatists. The question remains unanswered – why we are taking the bigotry crap of such offenders in the name of freedom of expression? Why such selective human rights drama to be continued using the university facilities financed by Indian state using the money of Indian tax payers. May be they have connections in academic administration or they have sympathisers in the same ‘Indian-state’ system... but for an Indian citizen it is too painful to see such paranoid drama in the name of politics.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

पेड़ के पीले पत्ते और शाम की ख़ामोशी

पेड़ के पीले पत्ते,
शाम की ख़ामोशी,
एक धुंधला सा चेहरा
और पुरानी बातें. 

गाँव की पगडण्डी, 
तपता सूरज, 
नंगे पाँव, 
और चुभते कांटे. 

ना आज की चिंता,
ना कल की फिकर,
धुल-धुल्लाकड़ दिन भर 
वो किस्सागोई की राते. 

समय का चक्र,
बिछड़ते लोग, 
बिसरती यादें, 
बस काम की बातें. 

बेख़ौफ़ दिन, 
अलसाई राते, 
आज भी याद हैं 
वो बिन कही बातें. 

[आत्मीय श्री मनोज श्रीवास्तव (फ्लोरिडा वाले) के बौधिक सुझाव सहित सम्पादित] 

© अमित एवं मनोज
  ७ जुलाई २०१०

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

तुम्हे आना है तो आ जाना

तुम्हे आना है तो आ जाना,
वरना सूने दिन और उदास राते हैं,
चिंता कल की है,
और भी मनहूस बातें हैं.

जहर है इन हवाओं में,
लोगों में भी जज्बा कम है.
यूँ तो सब कुछ है सबके पास,
हर दिल में एक ही गम है.
ना आओगे तो भी रातें कट जाएगी
मेरा जलना ही कहाँ कम है.

या फिर चलो तुम अपनी राह
तुम्हारे पास और भी बातें हैं
हम तो ऐसे ही दीवाने हैं
अपनी तो ऐसे दिन और ऐसी ही रातें हैं.

© अमित Amit
  २३ जून २०१०

Friday, June 18, 2010

मंजिल भी नहीं पाई, और रास्ता भी नहीं बदला

कश्ती भी नहीं बदली, दरिया भी नहीं बदला,

हम डूबने वालों का जज्बा भी नहीं बदला,

है शौक-ए-सफर ऐसा, इक उम्र हुई हम ने,

मंजिल भी नहीं पाई, और रास्ता भी नहीं बदला|


Monday, June 14, 2010

काँच की बरनी और दो कप चाय - एक बोध कथा

जीवन में जब सब कुछ एक साथ और जल्दी-जल्दी करने की इच्छा होती है, सब कुछ तेजी से पा लेने की इच्छा होती है , और हमें लगने लगता है कि दिन के चौबीस घंटे भी कम पड़ते हैं, उस समय ये बोध कथा , "काँच की बरनी और दो कप चाय" हमें याद आती है दर्शनशास्त्र के एक प्रोफ़ेसर कक्षा में आये और उन्होंने छात्रों से कहा कि वे आज जीवन का एक महत्वपूर्ण पाठ पढाने वाले हैं...उन्होंने अपने साथ लाई एक काँच की बडी़ बरनी (जार) टेबल पर रखा और उसमें टेबल टेनिस की गेंदें डालने लगे और तब तक डालते रहे जब तक कि उसमें एक भी गेंद समाने की जगह नहीं बची... उन्होंने छात्रों से पूछा - क्या बरनी पूरी भर गई ? हाँ... आवाज आई...फ़िर प्रोफ़ेसर साहब ने छोटे-छोटे कंकर उसमें भरने शुरु किये, धीरे-धीरे बरनी को हिलाया तो काफ़ी सारे कंकर उसमें जहाँ जगह खाली थी , समा गये, फ़िर से प्रोफ़ेसर साहब ने पूछा, क्या अब बरनी भर गई है, छात्रों ने एक बार फ़िर हाँ.. कहा अब प्रोफ़ेसर साहब ने रेत की थैली से हौले-हौले उस बरनी में रेत डालना शुरु किया, वह रेत भी उस जार में जहाँ संभव था बैठ गई, अब छात्र अपनी नादानी पर हँसे... फ़िर प्रोफ़ेसर साहब ने पूछा, क्यों अब तो यह बरनी पूरी भर गई ना ? हाँ.. अब तो पूरी भर गई है.. सभी ने एक स्वर में कहा..सर ने टेबल के नीचे से चाय के दो कप निकालकर उसमें की चाय जार में डाली, चाय भी रेत के बीच में स्थित थोडी़ सी जगह में सोख ली गई...प्रोफ़ेसर साहब ने गंभीर आवाज में समझाना शुरु किया - इस काँच की बरनी को तुम लोग अपना जीवन समझो... टेबल टेनिस की गेंदें सबसे महत्वपूर्ण भाग अर्थात भगवान, परिवार, बच्चे, मित्र, स्वास्थ्य और शौक हैं, छोटे कंकर मतलब तुम्हारी नौकरी, कार, बडा़ मकान आदि हैं, और रेत का मतलब और भी छोटी-छोटी बेकार सी बातें, मनमुटाव, झगडे़ है..अब यदि तुमने काँच की बरनी में सबसे पहले रेत भरी होती तो टेबल टेनिस की गेंदों और कंकरों के लिये जगह ही नहीं बचती, या कंकर भर दिये होते तो गेंदें नहीं भर पाते, रेत जरूर सकती थी...ठीक यही बात जीवन पर लागू होती है...यदि तुम छोटी-छोटी बातों के पीछे पडे़ रहोगे और अपनी ऊर्जा उसमें नष्ट करोगे तो तुम्हारे पास मुख्य बातों के लिये अधिक समय नहीं रहेगा... मन के सुख के लिये क्या जरूरी है ये तुम्हें तय करना है अपने बच्चों के साथ खेलो, बगीचे में पानी डालो , सुबह पत्नी के साथ घूमने निकल जाओ, घर के बेकार सामान को बाहर निकाल फ़ेंको, मेडिकल चेक- अप करवाओ.. छात्र बडे़ ध्यान से सुन रहे थे.. अचानक एक ने पूछा, सर लेकिन आपने यह नहीं बताया कि "चाय के दो कप" क्या हैं ?प्रोफ़ेसर मुस्कुराये, बोले.. मैं सोच ही रहा था कि अभी तक ये सवाल किसी ने क्यों नहीं किया... इसका उत्तर यह है कि, जीवन हमें कितना ही परिपूर्ण और संतुष्ट लगे, लेकिन अपने खास मित्र के साथ दो कप चाय पीने की जगह हमेशा होनी चाहिये