Monday, December 13, 2010

Technical potentials of India in IT sector

Last night I was with my friend who is working with CISCO systems. Eventually we started discussing about the technopenure-ship in context on Indian market. The talent and potential of human resources in India is ultimate but the innovation instinct is lacking. Many a times, innovative ideas are not welcomed by already established industries. The best utilized skill for Indian human resources is – trouble shooting. All self acclaimed technocrats are indulging into this kinda work. It is not just about Indian OS, A Global Indian IT brand but also basic things are badly missing.  Smaller countries like Japan, Korea, and Thailand have their keyboards in their respective scripts. But that thing seriously lack in India. Even when the Indian languages are much easier than Mandarin, Korean Thai or Japanese, we don’t have a workable Hindi keyboard. Likewise, there are many such things which are still alien to Indian land but many Indians are master practice-nor of these technologies. There is a dire need to connect the desi originality with the technical innovations.

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