Wednesday, October 21, 2009

जो गुज़र गया वो तो वक़्त था

तेरी आरजू में उडे तो थे
चंद खुश्क पत्ते चिनार के

जो हवा के जोर सो गिर गया
उनमे ये एक खाक-ऐ-सार था,

वो उदास उदास इक शाम थी,
इक चेहरा था इक चिराग था

और कुछ नहीं था जमीन पर
एक आसमां का गुबार था।

जो गुज़र गया वो तो वक़्त था
जो बचा रहा वो गुबार था।

मेरा क्या था तेरे हिसाब में
मेरा साँस साँस उधार था।

- गुलाम अली साहब की एक ग़ज़ल।

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thoughts and Acts

[These thoughts are my reply to an important discussion. It is an answer to those questions raised there... so, questions are obvious hence excluded. ]

War never resolve anything. But It decide the future course of Human Civilization...

Religion does not matter, but it is the only thing which can divide a country and people of same race and region.

Sin and Virtue become dwarf when en-mass emancipation is called.. for a nation or for a culture. Indians who are indulge into favoritism, sex, corruption, money and all possible crime.. can be united with a greater call to save own existence.

with these words. I must say to all.
Keep your eyes open. don't fallow words being spread. Use your mind. :)

Om tatsat!