Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sorry Anna!

Anna, we are the youths who have great hope from your satyagrah, Who went on vigils at Tihar, Ramlila Maidan, India Gate and Jantar Mantar. We still have our support for you...

However, we are deeply hurt by your team being accommodating political tricks of reservations and secularism. And I think you must clear it first, if you differentiate corruption charges based on caste and religion. If you don't differentiate, why there is a need to caste quota and ullema quota in your team.
I have great respect for Arvind Bhai, have been detained by Delhi police on several accounts together... Be it RTI movement or 'cash-for-vote' issue. However, the recent development withing the protest team to be explained.

     Four years ago, when 40-50 thousand youths gathered in Delhi demanding equal treatment in education, they were treated with water cannon and tear gas bombs. No one from 'civil' society or political parties raised their issue... Not even you Anna! The problem of corruption lies in root cause of caste, creed and religion being manifested in bureaucracy, politics and public life. You tell me, if I score 90% and get denied of admission despite my economic adversaries and those who are rich and score just about 30% get admission - What is the logic, can you control corruption without treating everyone equal?

Those who cry about social justice through reservations, must note that stop fooling the common man. Reservations are there only to leverage caste sentiments. There are only few thousands of seats in IITs, IIMs and central universities. Few hundreds in state and central civil services. To get benefits of these facilities there are millions of rich families from each and every caste. In several accounts thousands of them taking it since generations.

If Shastri ji had born today, despite his hard work, being a poor unreserved candidate he could not have made it anywhere. It was just a single example how misuse of caste, creed and religion taking place... And they know it all. 

Anna, tired of all bullshit I along with my thousands of friends come to you in August 2011. But what we got today... If you don't clarify and rectify your fight on political accusations, I see no hope. Even if your Lokpal come, things will be same.

My heart is not broken by this chameleon behaviour of your team, I had already done my national movements and protests. Country today needs Azad and Bhagat, else a Gandhi along with several Nehrus and Ambedkars will divide this nation again.

Jai Hind.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Scandalous govt ready to gag your voice!

After recent verbal attempt of Minister Kapil Sibal to silence all dissenting voices, India too have come under category of Iran, Pakistan and China type authoritarian regime where citizens are not allow to differ from the govt.
It is a sick sign for a democracy, which is also heartily supported by media houses. The role of these media houses have been exposed as power broker in fixing ministers posts. Radiia tapes have already brought this fact to the public. Nevertheless such media houses and journalists continued to practice as they have been manipulating public opinion in favour of ruling party especially the ruling family.
But why this recent attempted to curtail common voices? This govt has been involved in unexplained serious scandals. For some of these scandals, few union ministers are facing criminal charges. However they got away with some of serious scandals including Black money and urban land allocations. While these scandals could have created regime changing uproar elsewhere, it was not worthy even for discussion in India as media managed the stage well for political families and government.
While european countries and tax heaven countries are ready to share information about the top money launderers, UPA govt fear to reveal it as it could expose its financiers. On social media some of old reports were leaked, which also included the black money accounts of Rajiv Gandhi. Further more the details and foreign relations of the ruling family was percolating through social media to the commoners.
This could have harmed the ever ruling dream of this family. Hence they deputed this headless minister named 'Kapil Sibal' on this task to curb all anti-family information from Social media and Internet! But will he succeed in doing so? Or citizen of India will not be fooled this time?
A big question mark on the future of freedom of speech and a free internet, however a lot depends up on our shoulders to defend the priceless freedom!

Inqualab Zindabad! Vande Mataram!!

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