Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Deadly Assault on India!

The recent Mumbai incidence is the biggest terrorist attack on India. In many ways, this attack was bigger than the attack of 9/11 on World Trade Center, as the terrorists stormed an area span of eight kilometers in highly crowded region of Mumbai. This Jihadi attack was extending from CST Railway Station to Nariman Point in Colaba, killing and shooting everyone. The death toll is around 300 and equally number of people are seriously injured. Twenty brave policemen and two National Security Guards commando were also deceased. The attack was carried out by any damn Fidaayin Jehadis- that is not a matter of bigger concern, but the way they defeated all civilian security of Mumbai city is the prime cause of concern. The delayed response aggravated the tragedy and resulted in more causality.

I observed, politicians have a larger stake into this incident. News papers says that RAW has given the information on the 'ship' and 'satellite phone conversation with Laskar' to police way back on 19 November, 2008 while IB informed a probable attack on Taj on 25th September. (The Hindu, 30 Nov) But still the terrorists executed their plan successfully. If we review the last period of two months, the entire ATS was focused on two person's interrogations and each of finding was coming to media - like a big bang - as they had got the biggest terrorists on the earth!! It is interesting to mention that the whole drama was behind a blast which happened in 2006. Ignoring continuous big blasts of 2008 in all big cities of India, they were busy in demonizing 'Hindus' as terrorists. The whole act was even much beyond the rules of interrogation. All accusations, blames and investigation was coming to media line by line.

Certainly, we should not have sympathy with any kind of terrorists but the matter was much more than plain investigation as the way it was being operated through hype of media. When congress lost in last state elections- Himachal, Uttarakhand and Karnataka. They needed something 'BIG' to defeat others vote by accusing -Hindu terrorist- a new game! What is truth behind it- no one knows. A question in everyone's mind - why entire attention of ATS was on these two while big terrorists were arranging every thing for this attack.. right under their nose! The attack of ruling party was on police when they encountered terrorists at Batala House. The Police force lost their brave shooter and still, It was politics which demoralized police forces. Hence ATS is not to blame for what they were doing, as that was desired for government of Maharashtra.

But all these politics cost dearer to us. The life lost and ruined families of innocent Indian will not be recovered by any foxy politician and their dirty vote bank game. The soul of deceased citizens of India may rest in peace... I feel sorry that we are scape goat between govt and terrorists! God bless India and Indians.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

आज धमाका नहीं हुआ जग सूना सा है

आज धमाका नहीं हुआ जग सूना सा है,
लहू जनों का गिरा नहीं सब सूना सा है।
बाज़ार-रेल-मन्दिर या चौराहा,
जाए कहाँ, आतंक सर्वत्र बुना सा है।

नर-नारी-बच्चे-बुढे धर्म-प्रसार बलि
चढें हुए हैं,
'उनको' क्या वो निरपेक्षता का मुखौटा मढे हुए हैं।
हम मरे तो क्या, उनके वोट तो बढे हुए हैं,
वोट लोभ में मानवता के आयाम भी ढहे हुए हैं।

क्या हम मिट जायेंगे इन धमाकों से, हत्याओं से,
गजनी, गोरी, खिलजी, तुगलक भी ये करते आए हैं।
आज भी हम प्रज्वलित हैं सत्य ज्वाला बनकर,
हर पल मात्रभूमि की रक्षा में लड़ते आए

- अमित, १५ नवम्बर २००८

© अमित Amit

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

मेरे जाने के बाद...

मैं और मेरा क्या,
तू और तेरा क्या!
जब हम आए थे,
सब था नया
जब हम जाएँगे
सब रहेगा यहाँ !

फिर ये कैसा गुरूर,
कैसा मद कैसा सुरूर!
यूँ कुछ करें आज
खाने और जीने के बाद.
एक था यहाँ और
ऐसे आते हैं
वर्षों के बाद'
लोग कहें हर बार,
खाक--बदन मिट्टी में मिल जाने के बाद
- अमित, १३ नवम्बर २००८
© अमित Amit

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

अंतरमन के कोमलतम पर

अंतरमन के कोमलतम पर
कल्पित नाम लिखा रखा है;
रंग बिरंगे उन सपनों का,
प्रीतम दीप जला रखा है

अमूर्त कल्पना के मुक्त सुरों का
सुंदर लय-ताल बना रखा है
मधुर क्षणों के पंखुडियों का
कोमल सेज सजा रखा है।
(व्यक्तिगत् डाइयरी से कविता का एक अंश)

© अमित Amit