Tuesday, December 15, 2009

काहे का शोर!

यह तेरा, वह मेरा
ये कितने का, वो इतने का.
जितने लोग, उतनी आवाजे
उतने सुर और उतनी ही ताने.

यूँ श्रोता बन बैठे हैं,
किसकी माने, किसकी न माने.
रेत सी सरकती जिंदगी,
बदलते मानदंड,
नव अवतरित आशाये
क्षणिक मान और उसकी भाषायें,
कब से कर्ता बन बैठे हैं
जितना करें उतनी अभिलाषाएं.

संकट है यह शोर,
मेरे और तेरे का मायाजाल
कुछ पाने की ख़ुशी,
कुछ न पाने का मलाल
मन का यह शोर बेमिशाल.
बस कुछ सूना जाता है,
क्या नहीं करा जाता है.

कोई रहे या ना रहे यह शोर,
खुद की गवाही करा जाता है.
यह फिर कुछ कहता है -
यह-वह का चक्कर छोड़ो
इस बार इसे सुनते हैं...
अब तो द्रष्टा बन बैठे हैं
फिर काहे का शोर, काहे की आशाये.

- अमित श्रीवास्तव
१५ दिसम्बर २००९
© अमित Amit

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Selective Secularists of Indian Media need to learn from this!

'As Muslims attacked Switzerland for the ban, they didn't bother to look at the minorities in their own country who daily have been subjected to a similar fate as Muslims in Switzerland and across Europe.'

- Joseph Mayton, Guardian, UK

Reference:   http://www.guardian.co.uk/

Comment: Speaking truth is what expected from media, but Indian media is sell out its voice... in trade with perks from government.... a bare truth can harm the religious vote bank of a particular party!

They also forget so quickly the bad deeds and big scams of their Lords. and we also got faithful educated protagonists who can prove every thing for this as they will get some academic post or govt scholarship.

But can anyone cheat its own soul. Ignoring genocide in frontier states (J&K, Assam) and in Vicinity (Pakistan, Bangladesh), for these selective secularists' only concern is a disputed structure made by then an external invader at Mecca of Hindus.

How the millions of Hindus' massacre within last decade does not get enough importance to Indian media, but a disputed structure which was never used to Namaz or whatever. 

Not only that, the Swiss legislation is being produced here with very bad taste but they wont tell you- you will be arrested if you take Bible or Gita beyond the Airport in Saudi Arabia. They wont tell, in Muslim nations you are not allowed to worship in public place, if you are not a Muslims.

They must feel shameful by their bias act. But they wont! they are shameless.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lathi-charge and tear gas on JNU students, 18 are seriously injured!

Minutes ago thousands of police forces freely lathi-charged and shot tear gas bombs on JNU students. Eighteen students including six girls are seriously injured and four others are detained by police. The issue was lame response from police on the vandalism by four goons where eve-teasing and abusing students and flashing firearms on watchmen. Students were protesting against the lukewarm response from Delhi Police.
In afternoon, some four persons in a care entered into campus, they were drinking and passing lewd comments on girls. They also misbehaved with on girl. After complaints watchmen stopped them at gate at 3.30 pm, when they were trying to escape. Incidentally I was passing by from the gate, I found those goons were fighting with watchmen, pushing them and abusing them. They also threat for dire consequences to watchmen as they told that they are relative of some ‘commissioner’. A PCR of Delhi police was parked beside but policemen present that time were mere suspect of whole fight.
Seeing the helpless situation of security guards, I asked the incharge of security guards to do at least for self protection. When watchmen retaliated and took action against those goons, another PCR came in with more constables. Instead of tackling with the goons the sub inspector bullied at me, as I asked guards to click the alcohol and pistol as it was found in their car. He used all possible bad words and his power packed dialogs against me. I was surprised to see the protection of criminals and humiliation of the victims by Delhi police. I realized that I am all alone against those goons and ten policemen. Those four goons were safely resting in police care with all protection. Later other students came in and by evening it was a big crowd, still the responsible police officers were not disclosing the names of those predators. Hoping for the assurance from Delhi police of a proper action against the criminals, more students came in, but instead of solving the issue peacefully, again Delhi police committed even bigger mistake. Students are attacked brutally with lathi and tear gas. Two students got both arms broken by police lathi. The irresponsible move was a shocking incident. Till writing of this report eight trucks and three busses of CRPF and many PCRs of Delhi police were at gate.
This incident proved once again that police are for elites! Sticks are for victims…! Protectors of Criminals, Harassers of commoners... It just reminded me of recent Manu Sharma case। We students must feel pity on our Delhi police and ‘iron frame since British Raj’.

(PS: Many more things have happened, including misbehave with Profs, manhandling the students... )

Friday, November 13, 2009

Maharashtra Elections: Victory of Congress means what? undercover communalization or promotion of regional rhetoric!

[Prologue: This discussion is based on discussion on Recent Maharashtra Election and its reason, impact and repercussion.]

Shishir Kumar Jha
Major Trends @ 11:30 am CON+ 135, SS+ 98, MNS 18, 3rd Ft 12 1.A case where the opposition has handed over victory to Con/NCP thrice in a row something must be terribly wrong with the Opposition. 2.Big story - MNS has 18 seats. expect desertion to MNS... from SS in the Mumbai, Thane and Nashik belt. Raj achieved what he wanted. 3. Final voting %age tally for seats where MNS won would tell us about the mobilisation.

Amit Srivastava
Election results are expected. MNS is congress's child and it paid dividend to it again. Rhetoric often works in Politics. I got the news that MNS is biggest winner within Mumbai.

Shishir Kumar Jha
The theory of MNS being Congress' child is much too convenient for the BJP/SS alliance to excuse their own incompetence. It is clear that SS just couldn't mobilise people for its 'vision' [?] of Maharashtra inspite of a real weak C/NCP governance for the last 10 years atleast. SS could not even contain a green horn like MNS even if one were to go with the conspiracy theory.

BTW, Bhindranwale in Punjab was said to be a child of Congress politics and look at what happened to Punjab and Indira Gandhi.

Amit Srivastava
One day I was reading History of SS; it emerged in same way... xenophobic way. Initially they targeted south Indians, after that north Indians. Later not only SS, but also national parties did the same in Mah. Halting spatial urban facilities was an attempt to curb the incoming migrant population. But they failed miserably. MNS hijacked the same tactics to play once again a rhetoric game. MNS spread this hate in all urban centres of the state.. causing deaths in Nagpur and Pune. This similarity was a bite in SS strategy.

Amit Srivastava
Ignoring all these criminal xenophobic activities was a reward given from congress to MNS.
Same happened in case of Bhindranwala in Punjab; Ms Gandhi wanted to use him against Akali Dal. But he became a threat to nation later. (ref. BBC report)

Shishir Kumar Jha
Not just the nation - what abt. Indira's bodguards. The opportunistic divide and rule behavior by the Congress is not at all un-expected. But calling MNS a child of Congress reduces everything to sheer manipulation which I don't think the ground reality suggests. Congress will now attempt to woo the alienated Maharashtrians [36 seats in Mumbai alone] in a more attenuated way. Watch out for Raj though!

Shishir Kumar Jha
The other interesting poll development is the Third Front [+3 seats], a coalition of several small parties, expects a dozen seats. In the context of Congress' glib claim that its loan waiver for farmers helped get votes in both LS and VS elections - guess the Third front should ask why suicides in the first place. P Sainath of Hindu has written much on this.

Amit Srivastava
Yes Sir, thats also can be termed as political economy of death and hunger. But recently I found (in epw) another fact that muslims vote percentage to congress has increased substantially. Though no one has tried to explain that; but Schhar Comm. has made this impact?

Ishteyaque Ahmad
Its a clear mandate against the HIndutva and separatist ideologies and parties.

Amit Srivastava
That was a bigotry statement Ishtryaque. There is no clear mandate in favour of Muslim-vad either.Be analytical a bit. Hindus doesnt just belong to BJP... congress has done much more for your quoted 'Hindutva'. Babari structure was opened by congress for puja... and many more incidents. But when there is a discussion, you should read the previous statements carefully before making any conclusive statement like this.

Shishir Kumar Jha
I think perhaps Ishteyaque was saying that nationally the major conventional Hindutva plank of BJP and its allies is not working and they are unable to attract voters as yet on other planks. Yes the Congress isn't without its stains but it is ideologically much more flexible. So people aren't buying any more into the older frameworks. But the communal divide may give way to regional divide ...

Ishteyaque Ahmad
Oh dear... its becoming heated debate... getting personal... Can we make a difference between use of communal sentiments, communalism and Hindutwa? Another thing... where is this Muslim-vad? Who are the founders and prophets of this vad? Till now I have heard about Muslim appeasement by pseudo-seculars... then Sachchar Committee report. Can reject the report? We can... But what about the calls of RSS to Muslims to join the outfit? Is it Muslim-vad? The state has failed in safeguarding the interests of all the voiceless people from all the communities. It has failed in providing justice to the victims to all the oppressed. And Muslims are among them. The state has been governed by Congress, Socialists and HIndutva people as well.
Another thing... Congress is losing over 19 seats in Haryana but BJP is also losing 3 seats. In Maharashtra and Arunachal Pradesh its is the Hindutva Parties which are losing significantly. They employed Shivaji and Afzal Khan to create violence in the election evening in Maharashtra... Balasaheb venom was used to polarise hindus. Yet this kind of defeat means a lot.
And I ditto your point all Hindus do not belog to BJP or HIndutva separatists.

Amit Srivastava
Nothing personal.. neither of us (I know about Shishir sir and myself) are political leader. But the point is, we can't just blindly support sectarian politics like the politicians wanted us to do so. They are successful with mass by creating caste and religion divide. But when we talk about mandate, certainly all together thats different from today's result.
While on communal politics, congress got the longest history. Quota in IITs and central universities was recent most part of that plot. Have u looked at Sachhar Comm. report? please read it with secular point of view, it will remind you of Jinnah. But the point is, no one out there to take these crime to masses. One day IBN published its impact on LS election and congress victory. Within minutes that report was removed from their site. I got it as i was luckily online on my twitter. It proved Congress has best control over media. But similar report published in UAE, Canada. I hope you would do some google-research on this matter too. and yes, we must not think to strengthen any of these sectarian politics but still choice is urs.

Amit Srivastava
Ishteyaque bhai, probably this would help in understanding the communal face of congress too:
After reading this, you read your statement once again. And let me know if you still think in same way.

Ishteyaque Ahmad
Thanks Amit Bhai, I will read the article for sure... though I have read the Sachchar Committee report and Arjun Sengupta Committee report which clearly shows that Muslims in India are as marginalised as Adivasis... I will send you Arjun Sengupta report.

Amit Srivastava
Oh again a conclusive statement. I have both.. we have discussed it in JNU for three long years.
I am not a politician who got the stake neither and engineer who thinks in Boolean 0 or 1. I have independent thinking much more analytical than these political committees. So, u think Muslim is a homogeneous community and are marginalized including... Shekh, Pathans, Khans and all? and you also think Meena (a ST from Raj) are marginalized and Banias of Bihar are not? Open up and think beyond the personal sentiments. This is what I can suggest. Make me chairman of any such committee; I would prove statistically and factually that Jains (being the richest) are as marginalized as Tribal of Orissa as Sachar and Arjun Sengupta did.

Ishteyaque Ahmad
Dear Amit, I am not a Muslim politician and in my at least 20 years of non-party political life my experiences has taught me not to generalise... I know it very well that no community is homogeneous... keep aside Muslims... even Baniyas of Bihar does not make a homogeneous community... nor the Adivasis of Orissa... Another thing I have learnt that we are living in a political world and each and every action of ours is a political statement. And we have to engage with this political world as creatively as we can... Cursing the political leaders for all the miseries is not going to give any relief to the marginalised and oppressed... Analysis of our actions and words... critical examination of the bureaucracy and judiciary is necessary... and critical but creative engagement with all these are essential... We cannot contribute to the marginalised and the society as a whole with our nehelism... We can ridicule the reports of any commission but cannot change the ground realities... I would like to quote Kabir here... Tera mera manva kaise ek hoi re... main kahta hun ankhan dekhi, tu kahta kagad ki lekhi... main kahta samjhawan hari, tu rakhyo urjhai re... tera mera manva kaise ik hoi re...

Amit Srivastava
Thats what I wanted to say. There is no homogeneous community. Particularity that community, which was ruling before Britishers. All we need is to understand the political motives of such committees. They do all possible attempts to put these committees under carpet; but since these are used for policy making, the critical examination must be publicly done. Best example was Mandal Commission. Falsely analyzed data with just 3 % samples, and still those 3% were not available. And now we see quota everywhere… education, jobs, bureaucracy and judiciary. And who are responsible? Not just politicians only... we are equally responsible for that. we just not only keep quite due to our 'interests' but also we point finger on those who raise question on such motives.
We owe to have a better perspective on such divisive game. If we sing in tune with these political leader, who will seek the truth? If we analyze the facts, there is not a single political party which is 'secular' in same sense when India was born after division. Divisive forces are getting prominent day by day. Undercover ones like congress are more dangerous than obvious one. It is our choice to go blind on them by supporting them or to reveal the reality even at a small level.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

जो गुज़र गया वो तो वक़्त था

तेरी आरजू में उडे तो थे
चंद खुश्क पत्ते चिनार के

जो हवा के जोर सो गिर गया
उनमे ये एक खाक-ऐ-सार था,

वो उदास उदास इक शाम थी,
इक चेहरा था इक चिराग था

और कुछ नहीं था जमीन पर
एक आसमां का गुबार था।

जो गुज़र गया वो तो वक़्त था
जो बचा रहा वो गुबार था।

मेरा क्या था तेरे हिसाब में
मेरा साँस साँस उधार था।

- गुलाम अली साहब की एक ग़ज़ल।

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thoughts and Acts

[These thoughts are my reply to an important discussion. It is an answer to those questions raised there... so, questions are obvious hence excluded. ]

War never resolve anything. But It decide the future course of Human Civilization...

Religion does not matter, but it is the only thing which can divide a country and people of same race and region.

Sin and Virtue become dwarf when en-mass emancipation is called.. for a nation or for a culture. Indians who are indulge into favoritism, sex, corruption, money and all possible crime.. can be united with a greater call to save own existence.

with these words. I must say to all.
Keep your eyes open. don't fallow words being spread. Use your mind. :)

Om tatsat!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

रुक जायेगी ज़िन्दगी

रुक जायेगी ज़िन्दगी उस दिन,
संतुष्ट हो गया मैं अपने से
और अपने आप से जिस दिन.

क्षुब्ध हूँ निराश हूँ तो जीवित मेरी प्यास है
भूखों-नंगो के दुखों से आहत हूँ
तो कुछ कर गुजरने की आस है

प्रश्न आते रहेंगे, उत्तर खोजता रहूँगा
सारे उत्तर मिल गए जिस दिन
नए प्रश्न सोचूंगा उस दिन।

२१ सितम्बर २००९
© अमित Amit

Saturday, August 15, 2009

स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाईयाँ

तेरा वैभव अमर रहे माँ,
हम दिन चार रहें रहें..

- अमित श्रीवास्तव
(चित्र: webduna से साभार)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

क्या यही नियति है?

उगते सूरज को शीश नवाते हैं
जिससे कुछ मिल जाए, उसकी गाते हैं.
जो अस्त होता है उसे चिढ़ाते है.

सत्य क्या और नैतिकता क्या,
जो सत्तासीन है उसकी सब गातें हैं
यह अब सर्वमान्य नियम है,
काम हो तो सब भातें हैं.

समाज कि क्या यही नियति है?
कि जिसके दिन हैं उसकी रातें हैं?!
ध्यान दें, यहाँ सब चलता है,
शेष तो कहने सुनने कि बातें हैं।

९ अगस्त २००९
© अमित Amit

Monday, August 3, 2009

एक बार फिर से मैं उसी सड़क पर हूँ..

एक बार फिर से मैं उसी सड़क पर हूँ..
जिसके सफ़र का कोई छोर नहीं!
बस चौराहे ही हैं, राहगीर कोई और नहीं.
ठिठकता हूँ हर बार कि मंजिल पास है शायद
मील के पत्थर का कोई जोर नहीं.
हर बार कि तरह इस बार भी,
मुझे पता नहीं किधर जाना है
कोई सराय नहीं... कोई ठौर नहीं.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Great for gays, now what about the rest?

Gay rights are okay. But what about the implications for others. But one has to wonder at the extreme jubilation when gay communities and couples were in many cases perfectly accommodated prior to this ruling..

Following the recent Delhi High Court decision doing away with Section 377, homosexuals erupted into celebrations. However the different sections of society reacted on different lines with perhaps the sharpest reaction coming from Muslims clerics. Though, this decision is certainly a step ahead in individual liberty, there is a need to understand all aspects of this whole episode. So-called page three personalities, self-proclaimed progressives, media people and attention seekers rallied behind homosexuals. But one has to wonder at the extreme jubilation when gay communities and couples were in many cases perfectly accommodated and faced few legal problems, prior to this particular judgement.

We need to examine another aspect of this current mood of gay-ism. Many gays and their supporters have claimed that homosexuality is the deepest expression of love. Taking this assertion to the next stage, they also claim that only a few are blessed with the inclination and they do everything possible to promote this perspective in the media. However, when we examine the issue from the socio-economic perspective, the reality is far from such claims.

Though they claim they experience liberty through homosexuality, it is sometimes the case that their sexual behavior is a source of embarrassment to others and intrudes into the personal liberty of others. Many times, gays prey on every individual, desperately seeking an avenue for sexual satisfaction. There is a strong correlation between wealth and homosexuality – this only suggests that such an indulgence is resorted to by those of such endowed classes who are done with regular pleasures and desperate for new jinks to satisfy their lust. We have faced many embarrassing moments here in JNU hostel life because of such practitioners.

Flaunting sexuality is not cool but it should not be forced on those who do not have similar tastes. It turns out that they sometimes even target poor teens and kids, when they do not find people of similar tastes. BN Ray, former vice-principal, Ramjas College, was accused of sexually harassing 12 male students in September last year. (Times of India. 8 Nov 2008). No action was taken against him, and even now he is only on paid leave and he has not been technically removed from the college. There are several such incidents that have occurred throughout the country. But 'progressives' and 'liberals' maintain silence on these cases. Victims of predatory homosexuals can be found among poor teen vendor at railways stations, students, and patients. They have been soft targets of such 'deeply loving' people. The trauma, pain and embarrassment of these weak voices are always subsumed. The strong correlation between gay-ism and class privilege, is some indication that this predilection is about sexual adventure. Gays must be prevented from preying on those who do not have similar tastes.

It could very well turn out that some day, non-homosexual people will have to take out a procession for their own existence, with such a slogan: “We are straights, will you gays please leave us alone?”

(Published on MeriNew.com )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Contextualization of communal politics in India and role of governments at Centre

by Amit Srivastava

The sectarian politics is known as communal politics in south Asia, particularly in India. The division of colonial India and two nation theory was the greatest outcome of such politics. After independence, there has been a significant rise in the communal politics to consolidate votes by various political parties. In early nineties, a political party became a major political power using such tactics. Divide and rule on the basis of caste was the formula used by the several caste leaders. The new equations were established and these also instigated the tendency of forming regional parties based on regional and caste chauvinism. The number of such regional and caste based parties grew substantially during last decade hence there was a need of new caste combination. Beside this, the larger and sharper segregation was based on religion. The study attempts to assess the new elevations in communal politics in India. The finer nuances of public opinion and indirect methods of thought control are being used to dope the sectarian policies pertaining social development measures. Study found that the congress party has largest stake in this communal architect and the party is also the largest beneficiary of this design. These measures would keep it in power until the existence of an equal wise opposition.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A tribute to those who died in Teharan

Hail Democracy! Long live the democratic rights!!... Down with suppression and dictatorship of fundamentalists! It was largest gathering in last 30 years... to defend the democracy and to oppose the fraud of fundamentalist govt.

Despite all threat from government and Khameinei, people were out to defend their rights!

But they were attacked by hardliners, fundamentalists and police forces

They dint even spare women

Many became victim of brutal attacks

Many died in defense of democracy.
In time of liberty and globalization, such blots on humanity still exists. Let us join hands for our rights to choose the government we want. Let us pay tribute to those who lost their lives for our democratic rights. Let us remember their sacrifice now and forever ! Uphold our struggle against dictatorship, fundamentalism and suppressive regime.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

लाल गिरगिटों की काली करतूत.

पाश के लिए सबसे खतरनाक है सपनो का मर जाना.
लेकिन गरीबों के सपनों को बेच देना कही ज्यादा ख़तरनाक है.
आलम यह है कि पाश और भगत सिंह का नाम बेचने वाले लाल गिरगिटों ने
आज कल शोषितों के सपनों को भी बेचना शुरू कर दिया है!
बंगाल से छतीसगढ़ और आँध्रप्रदेश से केरल तक खुनी खेल खेलने वाले ये संगठित अपराधी
गरीबों को सब्जबाग दिखा कर उनका शोषण करते हैं...
गरीबों के हाथो गरीबो को मरवाते है और खुद विचारक बनाने का ढोंग करते हुए...
पार्श्व में बैठ कर ऐशो आराम फरमाते हैं!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


मनोबुध्यहंकार चिताने नाहं । न च श्रोतजिव्हे न च घ्राणनेत्रे ।
न च व्योमभूमी न तेजू न वायु । चिदानंदरुप शिवोहं शिवोहं ॥ १ ॥

न च प्राण संज्ञो न वै पंचवायुः । न वा सप्तधातुर्न वा पंचकोश ।
न वाक् पाणी पादौ न चोपस्य पायु । चिदानंदरुप शिवोहं शिवोहं ॥ २ ॥

न मे द्वेष रागो न मे लोभ मोहौ । मदे नैव मे नैव मात्सर्यभाव ।
न धर्मो न चार्थो न कामो न मोक्ष । चिदानंदरुप शिवोहं शिवोहं ॥ ३ ॥

न पुण्यं न पापं न सौख्यं न दुःखम् । न मंत्रो न तीर्थ न वेदा न यज्ञाः ।
अहं भोजनं नैव भोज्यं न भोक्ता । चिदानंदरुप शिवोहं शिवोहं ॥ ४ ॥

न मे मृत्यू न मे जातीभेदः । पिता नैव मे नैव माता न जन्मः ।
न बंधुर्न मित्रं गुरू नैव शिष्यः । चिदानंदरुप शिवोहं शिवोहं ॥ ५॥

अहं निर्विकल्पो निराकार रूपो । विभुत्वाच्च सर्वत्र सर्वेंद्रियाणां ।
सदा मे समत्वं न मुक्तिर्न बंध । चिदानंदरुप शिवोहं शिवोहं ॥ ६ ॥

- द्वारा आदिगुरू श्री शंकराचार्य

Sunday, May 17, 2009

तुम्हारे जाने के बाद

बहुत सुंदर था तुम्हारा साथ,
दिल को बड़ा शुकून था और हाथों में थे हाथ.
सपने जो अपने थे कि चलेंगे साथ साथ.

और जब, तुम नहीं हो आज

सब कुछ वैसा ही है तुम्हारे बाद.
खुश हूँ की उम्मीदों को आराम है अब,

और तन्हाई ने पता बताया है अब.

चलना तो है ही राह- ए- जिंदगी पे

हमसफ़र कोई भी हो,

मंजिल तो एक ही है अब.

चैन से जीने की चाह हमे नहीं थी,

चैन से तो सोना ही है मौत के बाद.

चले तो अकेले ही थे,

फिर से हो गया है तन्हाईओं का साथ.

तुम हो या ये दुनिया है,
पता चला है तुम्हारे जाने के बाद.
सपने अब हकीकत के आने लागे हैं,

दुनिया मिल गयी है तुम्हारे जाने के बाद.

पूछो हमे या ना पूछो, याद भी चाहे मत करना,

हम खुश थे तुम्हारे साथ, लेकिन मुस्कुराये तुम्हारे बाद
तुम्हे मुबारक हो सुख चैन की जिंदगी
और जिंदगी का जोड़ तोड़,

हम चलेंगे ऐसे ही दीवानगी के साथ

फिकर ना करना हमारी, खुश हैं तुम्हारे बाद.

अमित श्रीवास्तव, १७ मई २००९
© अमित Amit

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Is the times of India a rouge news paper?

As we know, major media houses are in hands of communists and congressmen. This fact controls the behavior of public opinion in county at much larger scale. They have been always promoting the weathered ethical values in respect of Indian tradition. News and opinions are always far from reality in most of crucial cases, even we count the upper strata of English speaking Indians.

Metro centered media houses are only concern with big cities and celebrities. While major social, economical and development issues get space in once in blue moon, those too in some narrow corner strip. The Hindu is exception to this trend; however it is highly biased for left ideology When communists kill people, The Hindu supported them openly in Nandigram incident.

For time being we can forget their political inclination in order to look at their ethical stand. I found the times of India stand at top with all rubbish, non ethical news on its front page. Yesterday that is 10 May 2009, the front page of Delhi and national edition showed ‘Gay marriage’ with utmost important news, with all possible masala. Almost half of the front page was devoted to this news. While many other important news dint find a space on front page, which they deserve. This is not first time TOI did it, they have been doing intentionally and purposefully.

Though I don’t subscribe that newspaper, but occasionally find a time for other news papers for news analysis. This is how I saw this news. I remember similar news when France was playing world cup finale with Italy. Same amount of front page was devoted along with many stupid facts: comparison of these two countries in - age at first sex, number of sexual partners and so on. Do we validate such things here in India? Are we ethically bankrupt to read a masala news paper? Or Indian media don’t care about the real news of real people?

Is not this paper is rough while doing this? The lords of public opinion, left intellectuals wont utter a single words on it, as this would help in their ethic less, value free, anti-state and anarchist ideologies. But wait for new more years… we are coming to take on you.

Friday, May 1, 2009

दुआ माँगी तो दर्द मिला

दुआ माँगी तो दर्द मिला,
बहार निकले तो मौसम सर्द मिला.
चाह थी दुनिया भर के प्यार की,
मतलब के लोग मिले और
प्यार का आसमान जर्द मिला.
यूँ ही दरियादिल बनने चला था मैं,
मुझे जो भी मिला, खुदगर्ज़ मिला!

- अमित श्रीवास्तव, १ मई २००९

I did ask for blessings (English translation by author himself.)
I did ask for blessings, but received only pain.
when I came out, the weather got cold.
I was trying to spread the love around the world,
Got the people of means,
Found the livid sky of love.
I just came to make the flush of affection,
In response what I got; got selfish!

- Amit Srivastava, 1st May 2009

© अमित Amit

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cross Roads of Life and A Monologue.

A feeling which is the origin of all depression is 'sense of losing'. And we occasionally get it. Sensible me feel it more often. Nevertheless, it doesn't last longer with me. A doctrine of life helps me a lot in coping. What is there to loose? What if something not coming to you? Why are you so concern about the things which did not stay? From birth to death, we gain something.. constantly- initially, the blessed life with energy and youthfulness and in lather, we gain experiences and also find to final reality of all events of life-stage. This is how I find myself at a decisive cross road of thoughts. This is how I derive all answers from the self deductive method of monologue:
Absolutely there is not thing to loose. And in this regard I remember the famous quote of a French Geographer and Historian Lucien Fevre "there are no necessities only possibilities"
Nothing gonna change, if something is not coming to me. Because, there might be other things to come or the best thing - the precious solitude!
If a thing dint stick with me, I must not regret about it... Life is pretty long and I cant stick too many things if I have to get going.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Film Screening

Film Screening on 11 April 2009

1. The Truth About Communism (Documentary)
2.The Bloody History of Communism (Documentary)

Date: 11 April, Saturday
Time: 9:00 PM Onwards

Venue: Basketball Court, K।V। Grounds, J.N.U.

Monday, March 30, 2009

राजनीति का बिगुल बजा है

राजनीति का बिगुल बजा है,
शकुनी सारे पिल पड़े हैं.
लुटा रहे दोनों हाथो से,
राज-मूषको ने बिल भरे हैं.

जात धरम पर बाँट रहे ये,
अपनी चाँदी काट रहे.
पुलिस, न्याय और प्रशासन
इनके तलवे चाट रहे.
- अमित श्रीवास्तव, अप्रैल २००९
© अमित Amit

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Political Movement of Youth For Euality

Youth For Equality is launching a political wing, which initially has 20,000 students, doctors, engineers, lawyers and common people from civil society. Huge numbers of faculties from various institutions have also joined this movement and today this movement goes public.

This political movement by non-political people is historic as for the first time more than 20,000 students, doctors, engineers, lawyers and faculty-members of various educational institutions across India have come together to launch this movement.

Youth for Equality will not follow the usual route of other political parties in selecting candidates but will support a person who will support our ideology, who will be selected as a People’ Candidate through an open selection process by various organizations, NGO’s, Resident welfare associations and civil society.

Unique features of Our political movement

  1. First time in the history of India a students organization is launching its political wing. Till day Political parties have been launching their student wings.
  1. Membership of Youth for Equality is not open for all but only on reference of an existing member
  1. Person has to work for social cause and give a time commitment of at least one hour every week.
  1. Policies and our directions will be decided by non political people who will never come into executive working of the organization. Office bearers will only be powerless executives discharging their responsibilities.
  1. We are first in India to make our accounts completely transparent and will be disclosed to all every month. How ever small or big transactions may be.
  1. There will be a panel of 3 independent people’s commissioners who will be eminent public personalities to supervise all affairs in the organization. They will not be members of youth for equality.
  1. Will not field our own candidate but will give our platform to People’s Candidate. (Selection of LOK Umeedwar defined in annexure.)
  1. We are also launching a nationwide Election Helpline for using 49’0 (None of the above) option. This helpline will also give details of candidate’s background in Delhi.

    Numbers are 9968880956 and 9968880958


  1. Anti reservation Ideology
  2. First political organization to favor 49’0
  3. No criminals in politics campaign
  4. Swiss Bank 3 Trillion black money belonging to Indians be bought back.
  5. Change -
    1. Outdated Constitution,
    2. Various criminal laws and peoples’ representation act,
    3. Age limit, qualification, right to recall,
    4. Punishment system for criminal, law breakers
  6. Stricter judiciary, stringent laws and no escape route for corruption and other crime including terrorism.
  7. Fixing target and fixing accountability for each small or big government sponsored scheme.

Lok Umeedwar

    Qualifications of a People’s Candidate

    1. Educational qualification : Minimum Graduate
    2. Age: 25-40
    3. Very clean image and a respectable figure
    4. Commitment to our ideology
    5. Resignation before nomination
Selection procedure:
  1. Resumes are being invited from residents across Delhi
  2. All of them will be screened by an expert Panel of eminent people.
  3. Top 10 will be sent to RWA’s, Trader associations, NGO’s and other organizations in that area to give grades to all the 10.
  4. The person with with the best rating will be elected as people’s candidate
  5. And will be fielded from New Delhi constituency and our volunteers will campaign for him.
on email id theone [at] y4e.in

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Manifesto of Big Loot!!

Election mood is getting crazier and ploys are being designed. Most importantly the foxy politicians are busy in counting their 'vote balance' by all means. Caste, religion, class, poverty despair are their favorite categories on which they will plot the game of power. Criminals, Broker and business class lobbies are close ally of their game. Interestingly, media is also becoming champion for agenda prorogation. Yes, here comes the agenda of political parties.

Best example is congress announcement on Rice। They will give rice to poor। BJP is likely to fallow the suite. Similarly the popular moves like NREGA and Loan waivers are a short term lures for voters, which would be costing very heavy to Indians. Because lot more money will be gathered and mounted in political accounts. The agenda of political parties are intentionally myopic... they want to gain the vote bank at any cost.

The winners of divide and rule policy- 'Congress (i)' is propagating the news that they will bring caste based quota in private institutes, enterprises and ventures. They can do so, because they have been fooling it since Mandal - II. The mass, which is always deprive of mere secondary education, they would rally behind the looters because this mindless party has given 'reservation' to their caste in 'higher education'. These mass would not mind their own illiteracy, which is again designed by this congress party the political heir of the Britishers. And the fact is, those who will be getting all quota fruits, never deserve such quota.

The real problem lies into the basic frame of governance. i.e. the administration, law and order. Wisely, after independence congress choose to continue with suppressive nature of police and exploitative design of bureaucracy. The colonial pattern of judiciary made it a deadly combo to suck the blood of poor Indians. We must not wonder why 42 percent Indians are still poor. and almost half of the population is illiterate.

Institutionalization of colonial heritage into governance has been so deeply internalized that we are to timid to have our own law and penal codes. These bunches of law and codes are as old as 200 years. Why they still exist, because it is exploitative and it favors the ruling class. Our penal codes are the best examples. This explains why non of the political looters has been punished till date and number of scam is going to be in millions.

Don't we need a revamp to all these shitty things left by Britishers! Contrary, our PM goes to their feet in London and express the gratitude for ruling and looting India. What manifesto we can expect from such crooks?!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ज़न्नत की फ़िकर किसे है

ज़न्नत की फ़िकर किसे है,
हमे तो आज बस जी लेने दो.
क्या पता मयखाना रहे न रहे,
दिल खोल कर बस पी लेने दो.

हमने तो देखा है सबेरा होते,
वक़्त दिन का तो जी लेने दो.
हसीं रात होगी या कयामत होगी,
सपने रंगीन तो सी लेने दो.

बड़े जुल्म-ए-सितम देखे हैं हमने
दो घड़ी तो बेफिक्री जी लेने दो.
क्या पता मयखाना रहे न रहे,
दिल खोल कर आज पी लेने दो.

- अमित श्रीवास्तव, २५ फ़रवरी २००९

© अमित Amit

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

जुनून की तलाश में...

पांव जकड़ गए हैं, और रास्ते खो गए,
इंतेज़ार की राह में, कयामत की आश में.
हूँ मैं फिर से उस जुनून की तलाश में,
कभी इस चाह में, कभी उस आश में.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost my self...

...feeling lost since many weeks... and its has been so deeper that now I am getting the remorse of it. And how helpless I am on it... don't know how to tell it to near and dear one.. don't know how would they react on it.. even if I tell it anyhow. But certainly its like a night for my consciousness! I believe, am passing through the darkest part of it. Hoping the dawn's advent is not so long.

Monday, February 9, 2009

They kill and we just watch!

Massacres and Genocide were taking place in Gaza, in Sri Lanka. In fact it is still on. I could not do much this time due to some involvement in looking after a patient in AIIMS Hospital. Seeing in news, my heart was at pain and I was so helpless that I was not able to do anything on it.

Whatever reason is, killings of people can not be justify even for a great nation building. But it is pathetic to see, the practices of dark age carnage are still in process. And we proudly claim to be civilized. I have nothing much to say on it. Probably this lyrics of Bob Dylan say it properly-

How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?
Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?
Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannon balls fly
Before they're forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

How many times must a man look up
Before he can see the sky?
Yes, 'n' how many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?
Yes, 'n' how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am backward and I need quota!

It was summer of 2006, I was going for a stroll after dinner. Just at the entrance of hostel gate I encountered one of my classmates who was furious about a joke on Arjun Singh. Yes, It was the time when HRD Minister opened his caste electoral card in forms of Quota in educational institute where entrance exams are in practice for admission.

Though it has nothing new, and already in practice, this time it was a causing concern as it would compromise over entry in top engineering and medical colleges. Initially this discrimination was for ten years, now it is extended up to endless time. The politicians find a way to keep the fire of caste burning in disguise of social justice. They know, this is not the way to being about social justice. The fact is too far from what we perceive reservations as cure of social injustice. The fellows, who got the cream of reservation, are still getting it, while much needed poor from same social group is still struggling with livelihood. These things are quite obvious to any conscious person in our society… but still they prefer to be called as backward as being backward can harness admissions and jobs in less effort or something without effort.

This is the reason why my friend was furious. He came almost bully at me: how dare you to say that!! I was really not ready to for this sudden attack, I simply asked what happened? He started lamenting about the thousands years…, backwardness… and so on… Now I got it right. I was socked. This guy is from rich family and live a life which I can imagine for me even in my dreams. And he was saying that he is backward and I am forward to him. The scream was too loud to be considered as a violent verbal attack. I dint say anything to this guy. In reply I just asked him- friend, why should you be given the reservation in admissions, hostels and in jobs and same time I have to pay more for fees and application forms? You know it better that you are from a rich background while I am lone bread earner of my family while I am studying?? This guy had not answer but to counter, he started lamenting about something like thousands years of suppression and so on. He was my classmate and we all know about the backgrounds of each other. I don’t remember even my grand father had that much of land which is currently this guy has at home. But a loud lie can’t outshine the truth. And the people who gather around us were agreed with my question.

The consequence of that debate was two months no talking terms between us. This was very interesting episode of my realization of the desperation of the people and their greed to get the education and job at the cost of poor. The same community has almost all police men, most of politicians in my state. Eventually they are the most dominant social group and very hostile to any other caste including those who are so called general class.

They don’t need any quota as they own most of resources, neither they demanded this recent quota. But they greedy politicians thinks that since they are more in number, they would vote for them. In fact, it is true too. Caste politics has become the synonyms of Indian politics.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yet Another black day of Indian Justice System!

The news is like this: The Central Information Commission's efforts to get details of assets of Supreme Court Judges were foiled by the Delhi High Court on Tuesday as High Court has stayed CIC order on SC judges' assets.

We have seen many case silent violence by judiciary in recent past.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to Criminocracy

You say it the largest democracy of the world. It is just an illusion for self appeasement. There are many underneath facts related with our cerebral democracy.

Some interesting facts:

- 40 percent of Delhi's Member of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are having criminal records.

- Before the last general elections in Uttar Pradesh alone, there were 5.3 million dead people on the electoral rolls and another 8.5 million voters listed as missing.

- One in four MPs are criminal. According to a study by Bangalore-based Public Affairs Centre (PAC), an independent watchdog, almost one-forth of the over 540 people elected to India’s current Parliament face criminal charges ranging from murder to extortion and even rape.

- Indian democracy have another record. The first person to be Chief Minister, even after convicted by judicial court : Ms Jayalalitha ( C.M. of Tamilnadu)

- One step ahead, convicted for highest crime of homicide, sentenced with the second highest punishment- the life term- and the fellow became C.M. of Jharkhand.

Today only this Jharkhand's CM got defeated by the margin of 9,000 vote in by polls. It shows some ray of hope, finally electoral felt shame about voting this criminal CM. But in blind race of power, I wonder he would be still unaffected.

- And if you challenge them, they scuff your throat. Murder of Satyendranath Dubey in Bihar, Killing of Manjunath in U.P. and very recently Mr Gupta's death in U.P. shows the fact very well.

Here we have eminence responsibility to meet. We got only one option- to kick them out and eradicate 'criminocracy' from India. If we are awakened and aware we must do it, else the consequence of being ruled by criminals will be very costly. It would not only caused losses to our lives and families but also we would be enslaved and awardees of shareholders in their crimes.
You choose.