Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cross Roads of Life and A Monologue.

A feeling which is the origin of all depression is 'sense of losing'. And we occasionally get it. Sensible me feel it more often. Nevertheless, it doesn't last longer with me. A doctrine of life helps me a lot in coping. What is there to loose? What if something not coming to you? Why are you so concern about the things which did not stay? From birth to death, we gain something.. constantly- initially, the blessed life with energy and youthfulness and in lather, we gain experiences and also find to final reality of all events of life-stage. This is how I find myself at a decisive cross road of thoughts. This is how I derive all answers from the self deductive method of monologue:
Absolutely there is not thing to loose. And in this regard I remember the famous quote of a French Geographer and Historian Lucien Fevre "there are no necessities only possibilities"
Nothing gonna change, if something is not coming to me. Because, there might be other things to come or the best thing - the precious solitude!
If a thing dint stick with me, I must not regret about it... Life is pretty long and I cant stick too many things if I have to get going.

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Anonymous said...

Well said.....really.