Monday, June 16, 2008

Still voyage is on...

The crossroads of my life!

Keep waiting for me
with all those surprises..

Heading in where?
where shall I arrived...
Is this a voyage towards nowhere!

Still, I got to go!
go with time, with the trend,
Life says: One must go...

The puzzling quest of people,
to get more.. to keep more!
I wonder what will they do it with all more!

Have you gone through
Behavioral changes in situations,
psychiatric breakdowns and depressions...
Yes! I have been through it all!
An adventurous life I am blessed with!

The characters have made it
more colourful and interesting...
Sometime the promises and dreams
of everlasting become day or week-lasting!

The mean buddies have poked emotionally,
and have been ditched for better option!
Ideology, consciousness and faith,
have been misused often!

Still voyage is on...
with more energy and adventure!
Unexplored avenues are amazing
and shall be sailing towards departure!

Yes! I got to go...
in tandem with life!
with no alibi for lagging behind।

© अमित Amit