Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A tribute to those who died in Teharan

Hail Democracy! Long live the democratic rights!!... Down with suppression and dictatorship of fundamentalists! It was largest gathering in last 30 years... to defend the democracy and to oppose the fraud of fundamentalist govt.

Despite all threat from government and Khameinei, people were out to defend their rights!

But they were attacked by hardliners, fundamentalists and police forces

They dint even spare women

Many became victim of brutal attacks

Many died in defense of democracy.
In time of liberty and globalization, such blots on humanity still exists. Let us join hands for our rights to choose the government we want. Let us pay tribute to those who lost their lives for our democratic rights. Let us remember their sacrifice now and forever ! Uphold our struggle against dictatorship, fundamentalism and suppressive regime.

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