Sunday, December 5, 2010

when you are in control

My three months at Bangkok have been unusual for a lone single male; as my friends say here. I dint go behind any glittery thing here - material or immaterial . Rather, I joined some spiritual discourse by Buddhist and Hindu sage and monks. For me, it was a big testing time for my own self awareness. I experimented with my thoughts, work, reaction of others and survival skills in not-so-alien land. These days in Bangkok taught me a good lesson for life, 'When you take control of your own life, nothing can happen with you beyond your wish. All worries including stress, anxiety, disappointments, sadness and existential crisis, just wither away. The self awareness becomes more profound and you feel what your wish to feel. This control over own consciousness could be gained by simple meditation focused on realization of self-existence.' No one, no reason and no matter can make you sad. So, you must take control of your own life.    


shivani said...

thanks for such useful and pure thoughts...really admirable job!!!

Neha Saini said...

hmm..thot provoking..