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Ayodhya Verdict: Won, Cheated or ‘Managed’

30 September 2010

Ayodhya Verdict: Won, Cheated or ‘Managed’

Everyone is happy with the High Court decision about Ayodhya. The tensed environment suddenly became cheerful and people were congratulating each other - Hindus, Muslims and Govt. Lets look at why they are celebrating - Hindus were thinking that having a secular (or pro-Muslim) government whatever comes would be welcoming. But they got more than what they expected. Verdict (Including Justice S U Khan's) accepted existence of Ram temple at the disputed place. Though, it is nothing new, whole world know that Ayodhya is birth place of Shri Ram and Mecca is birth place of PBUH Muhammad. But law fearing Hindu community does not practice jihad or a nation based on religion, hence, there is no global brotherhood or even local organization among them. However, for Muslims, there was nothing to lose. They were sure that whatever comes, even one-tenth of its part would be victory for them. Hence they congratulated. In fact, this controversy is solely result of adamant behaviour of Muslim bodies.
Much before Islam was discovered or Muhammad was born in Saudi Arabia, there were temples of Ram in Ayodhya. The objective of Islam, to convert whole world into Islam drove them for bloodiest invasions and attacked to non-Islamic nation-states. In medieval period, Asia, Europe and Indo-China was conquered by brutal Islamic forces and converted to Islam. The existing institutions of worship such as temple, church, Buddhist stupas and vihars were destroyed and Mecca facing mosques were erected on demolished structure. A mosque nearby Qutab Minar is best example in Delhi. Such examples could be found at any historical place in India. Defaced statues tell the real horror story of that time. Due to Bhakti Movement (Thanks to Tulasi, Ramdev, Surdas, Kabir and Meera) main land India still remained unconverted even after paying huge Jajia Taxes and brutality of barbarian rulers. The fringe areas, Gandhar (Afganistan), Panchal (Sindh-Punjab) and Bengal was largely converted due to maximum impact of Islamic brutality and taxation. Entire mid-east, Malaysia, Indonesia converted to Islam during same period. In modern times, the tendencies of global Islam remain the same - the ultimate objective of Islamic world. Iranian revolution made Islamic fundamentalism a political force from Morocco to Malaysia. (Reference - Nasr, Vali; The Shia Revival, Norton, (2006), p.121) In this perspective any gain at Ayodhya would contribute to the global Islamic agenda, hence Sunni Wqaf Board too feel elated.
However, the roles of government in doctoring court’s decision become questionable. The appointment of Justice S U Khan in the panel was a cleaver move and justice Khan didn't disappoint govt either he nicely but irrationally put his Islamic agenda. As reported by Indian Express 'Justice S U Khan said the mosque had been built by, or on the orders, of Babar but not by demolishing a temple. The masjid, he said was built on the ruins of a temple. He also said some material of the temple, which was in ruins, was used in construction of the mosque.' (
Now let’s discuss the logic of justice Khan's observation. First, how a birth place temple of Shri Ram could turn into ruins. Can Kaba of Mecca turn into ruin in any history of Human being? Hinduism was the largest religion of that time (even larger than our times) and Lord Ram was in heart of all Indian. Ayodhya was among char dhams. How an educated or aware person could conclude that? I wonder. Indian history reads that whenever a foreign invader attacked Indian territories, they looted temples and demolish them. Somnath, Varanasi, Mathura are still telling the story. Even country born Muslim rulers like Jahangir (a son of Hindu mother), Shahjahan and Aurangzeb demolished many Hindu temples and made mosque in place of those temples. Babar was a looter with no intention of ruling or staying in India. But our justice Khan declares ' not by demolishing a temple'?  - On what basis he says so, no one can understand. Next point of his observation about materials of that structure which was from demolished temple. But he says it was taken from ruins. Is it kidding? No ruin material is used in making new building; and certainly not in religious buildings. So, if you feel elated, please enjoy it. Celebrate our unity or whatever... but our justice system is sick and very much in terminal stage. I wonder what if there had been two Muslim judges and one Hindu judge!
Democracy/Legislative should not manipulate the justice system. However, it has become common practice in India. Not just government, even personal concerns of Judges have made many judicial disasters in India. Some famous cases include Bhopal Gas tragedy, communal reservations and limits of reservations, communal budgeting, and caste census. This tendency appears as managing and manipulating to keep everyone happy at the cost of common man’s life. It is suicidal for democracy and unity of the country as well. On the Ayodhya issue they have just postponed the disaster to get it maturity and severity. 

 (Amit Srivastava)

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Mukesh said...

Chated... Cangress will now take the votes of SICKULAR Indians who were pointing them on inflation, price-raising and other issues.

The ball is now in Supreme Court... It will take 10 Years minimum ....
after 10 years Muslim will be 25% as they are 18% nowadays ....