Thursday, October 14, 2010

The real terrorists!

It is ideology which changes the fate of nations and regimes, not the political parties.  Political parties may be or may not be just mere manifestation of some aspects of a particular ideology. The best example of this ideological manifestation was – the formation of Pakistan.
The ideology, which gave birth to Pakistan was not invented by Muslim League but it was founded by  Sir Saiyyad Ahmad decades before it was materialized by the separatist party. This is the reason, all historians and intellectuals of modern India termed him as traitor. Interestingly,  such anti-national traitor got recent facilitation at JNU, in heart of capital India by the leaders of NSUI- a student wing of Congress.  I raised this questions to them too – why to celebrate a traitor's birthday. They dint reply, they knew they are just trying to re-seed that ideology once again! These people, sections of congress, leftists proudly claim to be secular – and successfully do that because our designed learning system teaches us that being pro-muslim is secularism. I think, Osama would the biggest secular person by this definition!  When Pakistan has become the eye of global Islamic terrorism,  the ideology of Mr Ahmed got globalized in true sense. 
                 When I was in India, I tried to follow Urdu New paper in a week of July – to see the mood of Muslim intellectuals who spread ideological issues to majorly Muslim masses; as one of my Muslim friends told me about their indirect wrong deeds. I decided to follow the translated part of ‘Urdu Rashtriya Sahara’ in first and second week of July this year. The editorial was written by Mr Aziz Burny; about whom I had a good image as we conversed many times on my last facebook profile. 
Interestingly, it was the time when ‘hired’ protester just started their stone pelting ceremony in Kashmir.  However, Mr Burny choose to write about Amarnath Yatra problem and its discovery by Muslim shepherd – which was completely wrong. In same article he lashes out at RSS and BJP because Mr Chidambaram had recently termed them ‘Saffron’ terror and Mr Burny dint want to lose this golden opportunity.  In coming issues of that week he continued attacking BJP while the larger concerns for Indian scenario were Kashmiri separatists that time. But he was doing it purposefully. He also raised indirect questions on Indian occupation on Kashmir by telling stories against Raja Hari Singh of Kashmir. Contrary to common mass – I realized why he is doing like that – the indirect support to those separatists.  And left-secular (read it real communal) media all it secularism, BJP-RSS are novice in tackling such intellectual mass attack and nationalist intellectuals has to place to write. Such kind of wholesome effort from government, media and direct-indirect separatists would led to another division for sure – they are just waiting for demographic changes. This issue is on the pivot of democratic vulnerability.   
       In absence of a strong opposition, democracy could not remain democracy – it converts itself to constitutional dictatorship. Nehruvian period, the most dark period of Indian diplomacy and period of pre-emergency and during emergency of Indira period were best Indian examples of it. But progressive and ‘democratic’ left-liberal media want BJP-RSS to die – a very undemocratic wish one can have in a plural society.  So, they can go beyond the limits of militant secularism and often sided with Kashmiri separatists and the ideologies of exclusive Islamic state. Hence, If you say, ‘Jai Shri Ram’ people get offended in India; but saying Salam-a-lekum, Insa-allah, Allah-Hafiz make them secular. They are not cynical just by media, but curriculum too teaches the same. The ignorant and adamant self proclaimed Hindu voices don’t have anything to address this systematic offence.  
The problems of majority don’t end here, they have another group of enemies. These are newly educated and argumentative Indians who have discover the reality of congress’s secularism and also have found the reason behind blasts in Indian cities. Though, this set of people do support RSS-BJP but when they are asked publically, they straight forwardly decline to support that ideology. By doing so, they are only making spaces of separatist seculars who are becoming exclusivist day by day. Such persons are indeed foe in disguise of friends for the health of democracy. 
So, what is the solution to stop this terrorist making ideology? By now, you must have an answer of it.
Jai Shri Ram!!
(If you just got offended, you dont deserve to live in democracy.)


Shailendra K. Pathak said...

Amit Ji, fantastic demystification of intellectual terrorism in India in this article.Keep it up

Shailendra K. Pathak said...

Amit Ji, fantastic demystification of intellectual terrorism prevailing and spreading in India in this article. keep it up.

Vivek "The Wisdom" said...

Completely agree with your views.Good way to expose the main game of Some 'Secular Politcial parties" On the Name of 'Secularism'.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat

Nilendra Bardiar said...

You are right! BJP-RSS has pathetically failed in countering these pseud intellectuals since Independence. Marxists scums, thriving on scrumbs of bread thrown at them by Congressies have been left unchallenged. I want the revival of Hindu Mahasabha but alas! that party of great Swatantrya Veer has not been able to get a worthy successor of him till date.

shyam1950 said...

आपका लेख पढा अच्छा लगा .. हिंदी में होता तो शायद संवाद आगे ले जाने का प्रयास करता ..जो समाज अपनी राष्ट्र-भाषा की चिंता नहीं कर पा रहा उससे राष्ट्र की चिंता की क्या उम्मीद की जा सकती है ? महाराष्ट्र में मराठी बोली जायेगी , पंजाब में पंजाबी वगैरा वगैरा .. तो इस राष्ट्र को जो बाँध सके वह सूत्र क्या रह गया ? धर्म आपको नहीं बाँध पा रहा क्योंकि बहुत सी विसंगतियाँ और विभाजक तत्वों की उसमें घुस-पैठ है.. निरपेक्षता-वादियों नें वैसे भी उसका कचूमर निकाल दिया है..संविधान में खोट ही खोट हैं .. इतिहास पराजयों से दागदार ! फलसफे इतने कि किसी एक को चुन नहीं सकते ! ले दे कर भाषा ही एक सूत्र बचता है उसकी भी उपेक्षा कम से कम वे लोग तो न करें जो जानते हैं ..

Amit said...

श्याम जी, आप संवाद को आगे ले जा सकते हैं. मैं हिंदी में भी लिख सकता हूँ... शायद ज्यादा विचारोतेजक लिख सकता हूँ. जरुरत पड़े तो बताईयेगा.

Dr Rita Pal said...


I thought the article was well written. My problem is this - while you point out the "problem", your final paragraph or even conclusions do not provide potential solutions to this issue.

Secondly, how do you communicate the above principle to the lay person and the people who are not "intellectuals". From the UK, it took me 3 goes at reading this to understand the various concepts you are raising. This potential means, you assume the reader understands where you are coming from and the background. May I suggest some useful links etc.

From our private discussions, I certainly apologise for my sweeping assumption of your views :)

I think your blog is great. Keep up the good work

Dr Rita Pal