Friday, July 13, 2012

Questioning the existence - A monologue

This time I am not going to ask myself: 'Who am I'
Budhha did that and he gave a solution to us: the middle path.
I would rather ask 'where am I?'

Not at this place where caste, religion identities are the only thing that matter...
Not at this place where I am a part of huge crowd, trying to live like a commoner...
Was not contained by the ambitions or dream,

Hence this place where I am,
Does not impress with its outlook of identities, rush or crime.

I am well behold by my karma and thought.
Seeking own salvation, but in my own way.

Wherever I am, I there to extend helping hands to my extent.

Understanding them but not being their part.
They can create troubles in their ways...

But I have my own path of vogue, and I must go on.
Some nice people called me friend...
Some not so nice people saw me as enemy.

But I am what I am. It might take a bit longer...
As I am by my own.
I must carry own.

I am not here to stay,
Not to contained by success and suppressed by failures...

I am universal set of all those,
Yet a null to be among them.
I am neither alfa, not omega..
I am the 'Aum' the universal truth.

And where I am, is a station of my journey,
Wherever I am, I am responsible for my being. 

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Shilpi Dutta said...

Wow..this was soulful indeed!!

Amit Srivastava said...

Thanks Shilpi :)