Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google got the Edge again : Google Chrome

Like other millions of netizens, I am a big fan of Google's services and use almost all facilities provided by them. This time, I was waiting eagerly for Google's Internet browser. When download was available, I was among those, who downloaded the beta version of it in very first hour. Using it since last three days, I must say Google has kept its promise for better Internet browser. Not going by Lehman Brothers analysis of Internet browser's share predictions, I can say that Google Chrome can be a future's best browser.


- Faster and easier to use
- Best appearance and reloading
- Better box functions like - Find (Clt + F)
- More screen spaces for page
- Better security encryption (have not analysed on cookies yet)
- Better TAB and Bookmark functions


- Non-compatibility with few websites - hotmail,
- Problem with java based input box functions
- Problem with upload boxes on some pages
- Malfunctioning of page's links

However, going by Google's track record on improvement of its services, I can say that they will certainly improve it in coming versions of Chrome.

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