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You say it the largest democracy of the world. It is just an illusion for self appeasement. There are many underneath facts related with our cerebral democracy.

Some interesting facts:

- 40 percent of Delhi's Member of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are having criminal records.

- Before the last general elections in Uttar Pradesh alone, there were 5.3 million dead people on the electoral rolls and another 8.5 million voters listed as missing.

- One in four MPs are criminal. According to a study by Bangalore-based Public Affairs Centre (PAC), an independent watchdog, almost one-forth of the over 540 people elected to India’s current Parliament face criminal charges ranging from murder to extortion and even rape.

- Indian democracy have another record. The first person to be Chief Minister, even after convicted by judicial court : Ms Jayalalitha ( C.M. of Tamilnadu)

- One step ahead, convicted for highest crime of homicide, sentenced with the second highest punishment- the life term- and the fellow became C.M. of Jharkhand.

Today only this Jharkhand's CM got defeated by the margin of 9,000 vote in by polls. It shows some ray of hope, finally electoral felt shame about voting this criminal CM. But in blind race of power, I wonder he would be still unaffected.

- And if you challenge them, they scuff your throat. Murder of Satyendranath Dubey in Bihar, Killing of Manjunath in U.P. and very recently Mr Gupta's death in U.P. shows the fact very well.

Here we have eminence responsibility to meet. We got only one option- to kick them out and eradicate 'criminocracy' from India. If we are awakened and aware we must do it, else the consequence of being ruled by criminals will be very costly. It would not only caused losses to our lives and families but also we would be enslaved and awardees of shareholders in their crimes.
You choose.


Actually...we hav to be very responsible n take initiative to drive out criminals from politics..n bring back the era of politicians we once had at the time of independence..use of criminals for power by Indira Gandhi...then realisation by criminals why be used for power..why not come into power...further deteriorated the indian democracy..we hav to chose wid no other choice left to eradicate the criminocracy (mast jargon hai) from indian democracy...

Awesome post. Very nice ideed. Every citizen of our country should think on this and act.RVR

ekdam mast word ijad kiye hain baba aur bahut satik bhi hain

Hello Amitji, yes very strong words By you. We all Know, and are Aware about the facts. I only Request to continue to strive and Change The current Situation. I am Alwways There.

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