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Minutes ago thousands of police forces freely lathi-charged and shot tear gas bombs on JNU students. Eighteen students including six girls are seriously injured and four others are detained by police. The issue was lame response from police on the vandalism by four goons where eve-teasing and abusing students and flashing firearms on watchmen. Students were protesting against the lukewarm response from Delhi Police.
In afternoon, some four persons in a care entered into campus, they were drinking and passing lewd comments on girls. They also misbehaved with on girl. After complaints watchmen stopped them at gate at 3.30 pm, when they were trying to escape. Incidentally I was passing by from the gate, I found those goons were fighting with watchmen, pushing them and abusing them. They also threat for dire consequences to watchmen as they told that they are relative of some ‘commissioner’. A PCR of Delhi police was parked beside but policemen present that time were mere suspect of whole fight.
Seeing the helpless situation of security guards, I asked the incharge of security guards to do at least for self protection. When watchmen retaliated and took action against those goons, another PCR came in with more constables. Instead of tackling with the goons the sub inspector bullied at me, as I asked guards to click the alcohol and pistol as it was found in their car. He used all possible bad words and his power packed dialogs against me. I was surprised to see the protection of criminals and humiliation of the victims by Delhi police. I realized that I am all alone against those goons and ten policemen. Those four goons were safely resting in police care with all protection. Later other students came in and by evening it was a big crowd, still the responsible police officers were not disclosing the names of those predators. Hoping for the assurance from Delhi police of a proper action against the criminals, more students came in, but instead of solving the issue peacefully, again Delhi police committed even bigger mistake. Students are attacked brutally with lathi and tear gas. Two students got both arms broken by police lathi. The irresponsible move was a shocking incident. Till writing of this report eight trucks and three busses of CRPF and many PCRs of Delhi police were at gate.
This incident proved once again that police are for elites! Sticks are for victims…! Protectors of Criminals, Harassers of commoners... It just reminded me of recent Manu Sharma case। We students must feel pity on our Delhi police and ‘iron frame since British Raj’.

(PS: Many more things have happened, including misbehave with Profs, manhandling the students... )


shame on police....!!!

yet another shameful incident tantamount of failure of the police machinery in tackling anti-social elements. instead the police is patronising the culprits which is a terrible travesty.
JNU is an egalitarian campus and any attack or misbehavior with students calls for a joint response from all the students which they have exemplified in this case. the police may be grovelling at the feet of senior police officers and their lin but the JNU students surely are not.

It is a fact that the police protect the rich and mighty. But it is also a fact that students were mighty wrong that day! A good %age of students were just having fun and not listening to anybody!

--Ankita Khittu

I always motivated by you, your views and attitude, again, appreciate for this nice post.

- Joe

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Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die.

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