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Anna, we are the youths who have great hope from your satyagrah, Who went on vigils at Tihar, Ramlila Maidan, India Gate and Jantar Mantar. We still have our support for you...

However, we are deeply hurt by your team being accommodating political tricks of reservations and secularism. And I think you must clear it first, if you differentiate corruption charges based on caste and religion. If you don't differentiate, why there is a need to caste quota and ullema quota in your team.
I have great respect for Arvind Bhai, have been detained by Delhi police on several accounts together... Be it RTI movement or 'cash-for-vote' issue. However, the recent development withing the protest team to be explained.

     Four years ago, when 40-50 thousand youths gathered in Delhi demanding equal treatment in education, they were treated with water cannon and tear gas bombs. No one from 'civil' society or political parties raised their issue... Not even you Anna! The problem of corruption lies in root cause of caste, creed and religion being manifested in bureaucracy, politics and public life. You tell me, if I score 90% and get denied of admission despite my economic adversaries and those who are rich and score just about 30% get admission - What is the logic, can you control corruption without treating everyone equal?

Those who cry about social justice through reservations, must note that stop fooling the common man. Reservations are there only to leverage caste sentiments. There are only few thousands of seats in IITs, IIMs and central universities. Few hundreds in state and central civil services. To get benefits of these facilities there are millions of rich families from each and every caste. In several accounts thousands of them taking it since generations.

If Shastri ji had born today, despite his hard work, being a poor unreserved candidate he could not have made it anywhere. It was just a single example how misuse of caste, creed and religion taking place... And they know it all. 

Anna, tired of all bullshit I along with my thousands of friends come to you in August 2011. But what we got today... If you don't clarify and rectify your fight on political accusations, I see no hope. Even if your Lokpal come, things will be same.

My heart is not broken by this chameleon behaviour of your team, I had already done my national movements and protests. Country today needs Azad and Bhagat, else a Gandhi along with several Nehrus and Ambedkars will divide this nation again.

Jai Hind.

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Its true. After enjoying successive reservation for all these years.. why is a dalit.. still a dalit?
Only economically sound people are able to harp the benefits of reservation.
I just don't understand, why should an IAS' son get quata in IIT/IIM/jobs? On what grounds should he/she be treated as oppressed & backward??

Just brilliant Amit ji. IAC in itself is a fraud. INDIA is bound to be corrupt and Secularism is the biggest corruption. Kudos to you.

Best example is our parliement speaker. She is daughter of former deputy Prime Minister. She still claims to be Dalit and contests from reserved seats, avails all reservations. what kinda social deprivation she is facing?? Now, fake social justice advocates have no reply on this!

resrvation was initially meant to give the lower cast section of the society, some drift to get some respect in the society but what does it trabnsforms them into??..a clan of pride-less,moral-less beggars!!!

People dont like to be called themselves as dalits, but are taking full advantage of the tag...

Great article

Great and inspirational article

Deepak Choudhary said... December 27, 2011 at 7:01 AM  

All my brothers I know everyone of us has a new question in mind but plz stay united, don't try to break this beginning, we will achieve everything step by step, just stay united for now. Support Anna. Focus is a strong lokpal bill, thn we get electoral, education & environmental, population & pollution issues.

No one dividing Anna's movement. Very first para of this article says that Anna has our all support.
The purpose of this article is that - we are not fools, neither deaf, everything else is already told!

There has to be a limit to the reservations. It can not be at all levels. Yes some of the people need support and encouragement, but this has to be at the initial stages. This will help them in joining the main stream. After this all should be equal.
I will not go a doc for treatment just because he is of a particulr caste or relligion. I will look out only for one who will provide solution.
It should be the same. After the initial stages, all should be treated equal and the best should move forward.

It is time to move towards economic criteria for reservation (if at all felt necessary). The latest Food Security Bill has clearly shown that the beneficiaries are selected based on backwardness in poverty and Caste/ religion was not the factor. UPA themselves have acknowledged that the Caste backwardness is not the real one and economic backwardness needs help.

You have hit the nail hard on head...
Respect for your + many other youth who have sacrifice their carrier but participated in such agitation...As you said in the beginning Anna Ji's Respect will be for ever...but what Cast has to do with Corruption :( Why Arvind Ji need to appease certain sector of the society ...why ?? so many can say stay focus ....Cause is bigger agree..but why Team is diverting from Cause.
Still as a common man support Strong Anti Corruption Law but not with rider...We need your support...We do not need your support..

Regards: Girish

Let it be another movement... Against the inequality in our nation... Please do not divert from India against corruption...

Reservation is mother of corruption the main cause of giving this was to prevent conversion though we knew dalits were good for nothing see iit iim ias got their fame due to gen cat without reservation and with high merit ,anna team want massive support so they didnt want any other contraversy or take this matter and
split people but end of day without setting up this correctly we can't curb corruption and dirty politics on caste

To be true. the entire episode has turned out to be a "jokepal bill". Sigh.

so blogger n other people who commented trying to say that we are now a socially equal society,caste discrimination is thing of past.

if govt after independent worked hard to give education to all with help of motivated swatantra senani s n also focused on eradication of castism . we can get rid of reservation policy which is totally against merit n hurting us as nation.

The article that Anna was fighting a new battle - Lethargy.

The question is this - many have allowed the moment of change to pass them by. Will that time ever return............... ?

AS is right to question the issues above but it is these questions in the minds of many that may have caused lethargy...... the question is - how do you combat it?

I object on the last line of the blog Ambedkar never divided the community, he did what was necessary then. What ruined the whole efforts is what was done after this was recognised as a defect to be looked into. One nobody ever came forward to ensure that we do not need any reservations after a stipulated 15 years not even a single government and two, it was aptly misused by one and all, so is it really Dr. Ambedkar who should be blamed??? Please re-think and revert Mr. Srivastav.

Ms Meenakshi, you need to study Ambedker literature right from communal award of Puna pact. He was great person indeed, did wonderful for downtrodden but his rhetoric can't be ignored. Even if he had a brahmin wife, his venom against Hindus is not hidden!

Probably you have not read about Ambedkar well. Read this:

'There is not one instance, not one single, solitary instance in which Ambedkar participated in any activity connected with that struggle to free the country'

By Arun Shourie - Book: Worshipping False Gods
read this:

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