The Rebel Tales...

...Coming across different shades of life, compels to think in more colours... dream in many worlds! So, my posts reflect that departure n variation!

I was told, truth prevails...
But lairs got most of it.

I was told honesty sails,
But cheats made most of it.

I was told, love wins all,
But found it was nothing but calculations...

They said, hard work pays,
And by preaching they made millions.

They call up on to help the suppressed,
And they always wanted to be their leader...

They call for justice,
But saved the 'references' for own self purpose.

They call up on revolution,
But only as their power solution!

Who are they?!
Why can't they call the spade a spade?!

They are made of all ourselves,
The self core means and hidden agenda.

The ethics are for 'others'
'Someone else' should speak the truth.
Get me rich, suppressed will always be poor...

That double faced bastard
live though our situational hypocrisy.

Let's get it straight,
Be the mean but don't lie.
Tell the truth that you do sell dreams...

Tell people that one's self is best well-wishes.
No preaching, no dream selling!

Let's have a renovation,
Against ourselves and against our conditional solutions,
a personal revolution!!

1 June 2012
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