The Rebel Tales...

...Coming across different shades of life, compels to think in more colours... dream in many worlds! So, my posts reflect that departure n variation!

How to define,
Being me, you or this world...?
Everything changing with time,
Have seen people dying... 

Every day, Every moment,
We get closer to the death.
Observing self with each breath... 

Yet, the illusion of pride and shame,
Unsatisfying the achievement flame...
Is it right to rise on ruins of someone's life,
Is it right to hoard the lust and grieves? 

A rat-race, or just a random epoch of time...
A divine planning or just mixture of ammonia and lime?

Life has lots to answer...
I seek answers in meditation and solitude,
I ask to the nature and its magnitude...

As little time, life has been spent,
The opaque idea is intervened by the sprout of vision.

By the time of death only,
I would come to know the life and its reason.

~  Amit, 20th July 2013

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