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Dear Chinki Sinha and the Editor,

This mail is in response to your story:

Nice story telling of Muslim offender 'Shahnawaz Khan, a Samajwadi Party worker, with white Scorpio' and muslim victim Amroz the sweatshop worker. And others followed later. 

But like others partial JNU type communists, you did see only Muslims as victims. Did you try to find out the real reason behind the riots - several cases of gang rapes of non-jats Hindu girls including Dalits girls in Shamli and Muzaffarnagar. All it happened in precedent months. One girl was even burnt alive by 5 muslim rapists.The real reason was not even these gang-rapes, the actual reason was UP police dint take proper action against offenders as they were muslims. Azam Khan has reportedly directed police, not to register serious FIRs against Muslims. 

When these sex offenders started targeting Jat girls, the situation escalated as Jats were able to respond to the crime against their women.
Even the riot triggering after-Jumma gathering which was to scare local Hindu population by Kadar Rana and other 'secular' MP, MLAs of secular parties, is missing from the story. First blood of returning Jats and non-Jats from Hindu Mahapanchayat by killing them with AK47 is also missing from the narratives. One-sided story-telling is either to mislead the readers or to downplay the crimes like communal riots!
I was hoping that 'Open Magazine' would investigate the events and publish a real story but sad to see you too recycle the communal stale propaganda of communists. 

Between, I find no word on 5 Lakhs compensation ONLY to Muslim victims by Akhilesh Yadav govt. Don't you see the state govt is a clear criminal here? You might keep write the story suitable to your 'patron' govt, but that does not change the reality. Next time, please be balanced and specific at least to the truth.

Truly yours,
Amit Srivastava
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