The Rebel Tales...

...Coming across different shades of life, compels to think in more colours... dream in many worlds! So, my posts reflect that departure n variation!

It is rightly said that this world is limited to your existence. 
But this existence is quite complicated.
For someone like me - the existence is sprawled right from the means of living being to some in need and to the society, culture and nation. 

I must accept that, many a times I have messed with the priorities of these aspects.Hence, lost on the due course of life. Many companions are lost by cruel hands of nature, many mend their ways out. But I keep discovering myself.

Past few years made that phase of life, when the mess was on and personal life was on last priority. Intense socio-political campaign which was started years ago has just yielded power change in India. However, many things have changed. Many hopes are proven myths. 

Amidst this chaos in thoughts, somewhere the personal existence has been reckoned. And here I am, back to personal blogs, poems and if time permits some serious research articles. :)

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Personal Blog of Amit Srivastava about life, current affairs, policies and politics in India, self-help opinions and inspiring articles. The Author is known for bold and decisive opinion about society, politics and diplomacy.
This blog also contents some of the poems and spiritual discoveries by the author.

He can be found at twitter as @AmiSri and Amit's Google Plus
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I am researcher, academician, activist and occasional writer. Some times I also play a role of technician. A poet as well.:) visit my page

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