Monday, June 18, 2007

Taj is not wonderful! Or Indians are blind followers!!

Taj is not wonderful! Or Indians are blind followers!!

Is our Taj is gone crazy, looking for recognitions from unknown-unnamed website? Or being target of conspiracy of identity thieves! Is it really that ordinary that one need to declare Taj as world’s wonder? I have seen Taj very closely… I have felt Taj very deeply and I am damn sure, it is wonderful and will remain wonderful without anyone’s recognition. However, look carefully into the game plan:

You must have received a message shouting VOTE FOR TAJMAHAL. And probably you have also done that! But before doing that, have you thought on testifying the authority behind it. Who the hell is going to declare world’s wonder!

Is it UNESCO, UN or any other recognized international institute? It is worthy to mention here that UNESCO declares the spot, site, monument or tradition as important for ‘world’s cultural heritage’. Did you check the agency which is promoting such mindless and crazy thing? I am really sad to see such ignorance from the people of ‘India’s knowledge economy’. Among all these crazy people, almost 90% mails are sent by IT professionals, engineers, managers and students from technical institutes. These are the guys who claim to lead the future India and they use all possible abuses against Netas!

हद है ना! (Haad hai naa!)

(Image source:

क्या कहेगे इनको आप ? (Kya kahenge inko aap!)

And the most surprising thing is that our media once and twice added a fire into it by giving this voting thing as their headlines. And it crossed the limit of all ignorance, when I got a similar mail from the coordinator/manager of official portal of Government of India,

In reply I wrote back to him regarding all this rubbish mess last week, and I am still waiting for the explanation. I am sure; I won’t be getting any reply till eternity. Non-accountability in their die hard routine and still they talk of e-governance.

Friends, please think what we can do? If you really serious about country, and want to do some thing; please do for those Indians who are being killed by criminals, do something for those young Indian kids, who being sold to brothels and being butchered, do something for indigent Indians who die every. Save the land of poor Indian farmer, which is systematically grabbed my big companies. Please do something for them. You can do it by ‘your e-mail activism’ as well. Please do something for such genuine cause.

Do anything if you can correct our investigating agencies for setting free the killer of Nithari, do something to get punished the killers of poor people by their imported car. My fellow Indians, there is lots of serious things to do. The victims of criminals, rich mad brats, corrupted Netas are being further victimized by our state mechanism.
Sign this small petition for small duty as citizen of India:

Forward this blog to as many people as you can.

By a concerned and responsible Indian!

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sainath said...

Wow really gr8 one i should say ,if it was not a bit of news that i hrd not , i would have completely agreed with this blog , but recently there has been news of even an president (Britain i thnk ) , who was campaigning for some jesus statue to be elected !!
but any how an gr8 piece of blog , keep up the good work !!

isha said...

hey amit...i surely agree with u when u say that...there are much more serious issues that the media and the government needs to concentrate on...but i guess till people keep buying what they are being given...this will continue...n btw a reply is always given back so u dnt needc to write IN REPLY I WROTE. i.e.

In reply I wrote back to him regarding all this rubbish mess last week, and I am still waiting for the explanation.

Amit said...

For all those who dint believe in my research:

Gopi said...

Nice article. I agree with every word of it. This is a purely money making gimick by Telecom/Web giants. Vote by SMS(with higher rates); logon to so-n-so (read "increase our hits"!). I am also not surprised by the fact that 90% of these are IT professionals and students of premiere institutes. IT industry and the premiere instis are places where you free internet access to indulge in such activities.

Now that UNESCO has distanced itself from all this ado, I guess atleast some will gain senses.