Sunday, July 29, 2007

On my last moment of life!

I been to the life theater..
with different roles..
different masks, different purposes..

Some time, to lead, some time to follow,
Some time to struggle, sometime to win.

I have been there...
On dramatic life theater..

The villain of sorrow, made me cry..
The role of a fighter, made me too dry.

The people around me think of many thing..
for some, I am lovable.. for some I am hard..

for some, I am yet another man, for some I am nothing.

The roles I played, have taught me many things..
fight for your goal, but don't attached to the things..

In all scenes, I surely made my presence..
with die hard courage and ever lasting patience.

when this drama will head to an end..
I will lay down and think and think...

with the last breath I will think...
I have had a great memories..
I may not remember of punishment and prize..
I would think that I lived life king size!


Nalin said...

shows a lot about what you think, what you feel, what you had, and, what you want.
make it more profane and sophesticated in words.
word selection needs time. all the words seem the one or the same.
well.... you are realistic.

Amit said...

profane- yes
sophisticated - naah
sophistication does not allow you to touch the reality!