Saturday, July 26, 2008

And finally the money game rationalized in parliament. It was worst mockery of representative electoral democracy, when cash were being flaunt and demonstrated. No one wondered... at least common man thought, what new in it, it has been happening since years.
Voting on nuclear deal revealed not just money loophole but also the criminal deed and cunning instinct of politicians were justified. We, as common people would not be given any employment by public sector or international, when we have 'any' criminal case against us... Same time we observed, the hideous criminals are making law for us, voting for issues of national and international importance.

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IndiaVed said...

for the vote bank earlier they using pseudo secularism and reservation and now they have gone to extreme to buy MPs.
Yes amit you are right criminals are making law for us how can they take necessary steps for national importance be it policies or internal security. Now is the time to wake up or else it will be too late.