Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vigilance Approach vs Servile Attitude

Today ex-CJI Mr. Balakrishanan is back in News. I faced him in court room of Supreme Court for the final verdict on OBC quota (caste reservations) in IITs, IIMs, AIIMS and other Central Universities. The each line of his personal verdict was the language of Govt. In summery, he favored govt side despite all evidences were against the govt move. I always knew it that at the end judiciary gonna support the govt and we will accept it. The servile attitude is duped deep in our blood by colonial rulers.  Even my friends dint agree with my dissent on verdict, but after the detailed study of the verdict they felt cheated in same way. 
          I posted my opinion on than CJI (Mr Balakrishanan's) favoritism in some social media forum. Even that group was of those who opposed castism and caste based reservations, they attacked me for raising question on judiciary's and CJI's favoritism. Though, I stand affirm on what I said, as I was talking on facts; however I was surprised by the servile sickness of Indian minds. This is the reason why all criminals who loot public money, continue to rule India for generations... and they will be ruling for many more generations. If someone have vigilance approach against these scam-sters, will be gagged and attacked.    

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