Friday, May 25, 2012

Divisive Agendas and Educated Indians

While caste being less and less important in common lives of Indians, caste-politics is picking up and growing up to deeper depths. Education and appointments are totally casteists now, even the text book and examination papers are becoming tool for justification of caste politics and vote bank politics.
            When India won freedom, entire population was poor and illiterate, regardless of its caste line. Reservations were far less and only in Electoral and public jobs.
At present, 64 years down the line, Indian populous is richer and more literate and even more urban (where caste don’t even matter in real life), the caste quotas are must increased and infested all higher educational institutes even specialized agencies such as ISRO, NRSA, DRDO and all other government agencies.
What is making this tendency stronger? Certainly nothing but the lust of power, which is being clinched through divisive vote bank policies.
What most of aware writers, tweeters, thinkers and nationalist people are missing to understand is - the attempt of congress party to break social structure into isolated case lines.
Last month, in April 2012, the Educational Bill was passed in Loksabha to increase the limit of reservations beyond 50% in government institutes such as AIIMs, IITs, IIMs and others.
Interestingly BJP is supporting this Sonia's project of 'breaking the society' silently and profoundly, as they don’t want to miss the pie of caste votes.
Being based only on caste line and endless generational reservations, the current reservations are the tool of depriving the deprives, even if one who is resource less, could work hard, its his caste which matter the most now. The resourceful people get all the perks, and no caste in India is entirely resource-less. 

The demonization of Hindu social structure is much beyond reality now. Sociology books tell fictions stories about caste, all for justification of this discrimination.
Manufactured caste atrocities stories are always popular, to justify vote back politics & to make educated folk in apologetic mode.
Those who are giving ideas to ruling congress party on religion and caste lines are also parallel contributors of 'Dalitstan' out of India – just like upcoming Israel, Gaza sort of ghetto.
It is interesting to note that, this widening social division is No. 1 enemy to BJP 's Hindutva or cultural nationalism, as it break the national unity into mean caste feeling. But like foolish or clueless folks, BJP supports every quota moves in parliament, but forwarded by Sonia's men, even without a debate. 

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Aman Vashisht said...

yes true ... there should be some research on why even after reservation for 60 yrs they still need more reservation ... probably as u said for vote bank bad politics ... now its time for india to wake up n scrap the reservation system n opt for better policies to uplift the society such as transperancy in goveranance, free education for poors n no corruption