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Equality and Transparency in Higher Education Petition

To: Indian Citizens


The Prime Minister,
Government of India

Honorable Sir,

With due respect, we, the students of India would like to draw your kind attention to the following inherent irregularities in the present appointment process of lecturers.

1. At present interview is the only criteria for recruitment, but for one or two vacancies as many as 200 to 300 applicants are called and interviewed within 6 to 7 hours. It is impossible to judge the capabilities and abilities of a candidate within a time span of 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Quite often it is alleged that inter university discrimination is prevalent in the selection process by the board members. Selection board often prefers their own students, ignoring other competent candidates.

3. There is lack of uniform criteria among different universities and colleges to call candidates for the interview.

4. There are striking irregularities and differences in terms of application fee which in some cases is even more than 1000 rupees.

5. What is the importance of conducting NET, if it is exempted as a criterion of selection?

6. There is complete lack of transparency and accountability in the lecturer’s appointment.

7. Since appointment notifications are generally published in local/regional newspapers, a large number of aspiring candidates from other parts of the country remain excluded from the appointment process.

In view of these irregularities, it is very difficult to select a deserving candidate as a lecturer who can develop scientific temper and knowledge power among the younger generations of the society. In the present context of globalization, lecturers can play a vital role in shaping the intellectual brains for the development of a knowledge society. But we feel that the present recruitment system in this regard is neither efficient nor fair to select suitable competent candidates.

Therefore, we sincerely request you to constitute a centralized recruitment body to conduct all India examination like UPSC for the appointment of lecturers. We shall be highly grateful to you.


The Undersigned

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