Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Confession!

I never did what I wanted to,
Hardly have I cared to live the expectations through
Time kept changing its dimensions, I guess.
Although I was all about thoughtfulness
for weak, for poor and for helpless
I reached them, though my resources did not allow
I forgot the personal things and
manners of private affairs,
Ignored the hardships and problems of life,
to meet my consciousness, to feed my vendetta!
Here I am with only one life,
and at peak of it, I realized -
I cannot do much.. neither can my innocent efforts
things will be the same in this world,
the inertia will be greater, gravity will be souring.
The gaps, the odds have been here...
Might will be always right!
Humanity shall still fight!
And I have just one life,
Let it live for a while-
No regrets-no complaints- just day and nights!!!

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