Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mumbat Attack: A result of Political Crisis

The Mumbai attack was a war on Indians and on very concept of India. It was latest among the several blasts happened in New Delhi, Jaipur, Bangaluru, Ahemdabad, Surat, Mumbai and other 25 towns of India. Within 2008 around two thousand people have been killed in these terrorist attacks. Each time, investigations started and NOTHING have been done for common man.
However, after each blast the crooks politicians start making their score on the dead bodies of आम आदमी . They have gone up to any extent and bring the ugly shame to nation. When Shaheed R C Sharma was killed, there were sever Netas cried foul on encounter and the sacrifice of the brave soldiers was questioned! These mongrel have X, Y, Z security and best facilities for them self's and their extended families. But look at them, how shamelessly they insult the families of brave soldiers.
This time the CM of Kerala and mad camred insulted the father of shaheed Maj Sandeep. How dare he! But he did it and don't feel sorry.. He would not, because he and all other politicians thinks that for common Indians 'सब चलता है'. Communist have record of being espionage withing India right from Indo-China war to Mumbai attack. I saw them working actively to tear the posters which was made by students of JNU to pay tribute to the great martyrs. The act of Kerala CM is highly condemnable, in fact more condemnable than Mumbai attack. He must be punished for insulting the family of the great martyr.
These pigs would rule us, as we have short memories, we forget all blasts, killings! Every time common man is killed. Every time nothing was done except increasing security to the big anti-nationals like Raj Thakarey, Amar Singh, Mulayam singh, Lalu, Paswan and all. Every time they divide us on caste lines, give the bait of quota and reservations and we just get divided and carried away. We never put them in questions... we never held them accountable.

Is not it enough...

Is not it a high time to kick them, whenever they dare to insult us...

Is not it a right time to take control of our life in our hands...!!!

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Venkat Parthasarathy said...

Spot on Amit!

These Netas are really thick skinned. They will never be put in place... as long as the poor, illiterate, gullible voters are "taken care" - they will continue to rule the roost. The Urban electorate comprising of the likes of you and me are a "vocal minority".