Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Urgent Action to Save poor kids!

My this blog is not just a blog neither a crime report. I seek some support from readers and want support to ensure the justice to poor. Please write to CMO, PMO or any concern body in this regard. Addresses are give in nithari-part2 blog given later in this posting.
Another Nithari killing is in progress, Kids and young girls are still missing from very same area. During a recent visit, an eight-member team of ‘Bharat Uday Mission’ found that more children have gone missing from Nithari village. Despite filing complaints the police remain clueless about these missing children.
Though both the accused are in jail, but as per the reports of the team, children are still not safe in that area. On interacting with the local residents, the team found that the parents of the missing children have filed complaints but the police have not been able to find out as to what happened to these children. DK Yadav, Station Head Officer, Police station—Sector 20, under which Nithari village falls, also confirmed the complaints registered by the local residents.For detailed news see this link.

Please come forward and take action by raising voice.
Thanks in Advance.

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