Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wake Up Before its too late!


We are going to launch a campaign for the victims of Nithar massacre. Whatever happened in Nithari, is not yet another incident, which happen with the kids from poor families. The incident was not just matter of law and order; rather it was result of many factors. The implications and causes behind this hilarious act are very complicated, it include

- the growing unethical mass consume culture, where for the sake of self pleasure one can go up to any extent a direct consequence of adopting globalize culture

- the non-responsible behavior of our own elected political leaders, who allow and do all possible hilarious acts

- lackhs of children go missing every year, thousands of kids being sold in red lite area and farm houses

- Thousands of farmer have ended their own life because of poverty

- uncontrolled killings of poor citizen of India by state in Nandigram and Singur, by Naxelites in Chhatisgarh

Each incidence is inter-related since poor are being targeted from all side, from state, from political violators and from criminals. It is high time to raise up the voice, when even media favor the rich. The great example is again from Noida only, the son of MNC’s CEO was kidnapped – whole media made it an international issue, which is surely appreciated but the same media acted hastily in mass kidnapping and killings of kids in Nithari! How easily CBI solved, media forgotten it, and civil society (if it exists) is forgetting it!

Friends, the kids of poor families are most exploited and vulnerable section of India. Almost three out of four children is being sexually and physically harassed. The situation is as grim as out of our imagination, if we really care of others pain and future of nation. Two Hundred million of children are at risk! Friends, raising voice if my first priority… however, one should not expect the same from others as we have personal and professional commitments. Same time we can at least raise the voice from our desk or we can join the movement on weekends. I hope we can make India’s future brighter: lets come together at Nithar this Sunday (22 April, 2007)

Here is whole schedule:

From this Sunday,22nd April, 2007 we are starting our program for

BUM (Bharat Uday Mission) Delhi, Awaaz-Concerns of Common People.

Our Program will be a regular feature in weekends and holidays and public places and will be in 5 phases:

1. Documentary Shoots and Presentations on Delhi Issues

2. RTI Awareness Campaigns and RTI Workshops

3. Citizenship Movement to make citizens of NCR aware about their rights and duties.

4. Networking with other Social Organaizations in Delhi for developmental works.

5. Protesting Human Rights Violation anywhere in India along with citizens of Delhi.

Our 1st Episode is on 22nd April, Sunday, 2007, 10 AM.


Our Program:

1. Assemble at Sarai Kaley Khan ISBT at 10 AM on 22nd April,Sunday

2. Form the team and move to Nithari.

3. Meet Affected Families and interact with them and shoot their present condition on camera

4. RTI awareness campaign and filling RTI applications on behalf of Citizens of Nithari.

5. Our Team meeting for next plan of Action.

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