Saturday, February 6, 2010

ShivSena vs Rahul - a real time political chess play!

I love the chess! and have been an avid player during my college days. Lately, due to involvements in some political movements, I found politics is much like chess game. I am here to write a recent political chess moves, hope all readers will like it.
After much of defensive play, Wazeer (Queen) wanted an offensive move to take further advantage in the game. The Fila (Bishop) takes the initiative, pyada (pawn) was sacrificed in order to distract opposition. The Fila went back in defensive position and Wazir march in the opponent's region! Eying to a checkmate for opposition in coming few position.
Hope, by this time you have got the game. The Fila or Bishop of this game is Mr. Chavan the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. It is very easy to predict, if there is some Marathi Manush issue, the MNS and Shiv Sena will run after it like hungry vultures. This ploy effectively executed and Mr. Chavan backtracked the statements. Now it was turn of regional chauvinists like MNS and ShivSena. ShivSena was biggest looser after the rise of MNS, hence their old man hit hard verbally through his writings. Rest of media, aliening to the ruling UPA govt went on rampage against the regional chauvinistic party. Now, the ground was perfect to move for Wazir, Rajkumar Rahul. He visited Bihar under such situations, major media house were more interested in girls' sexual opinion about Mr Gandhi. The reality of his campus visits was posted by only one or media reports and by bloggers only. And the final blow was Mumbai local train visit! Have look on that visit preparations as a friend Amit Hargude found -
More than 3000 policemen on field, road from pawan hans to bhaidas hall sanitized, CCTV specially installed for today's visit, at least 500 posters each costing atleast INR 2000 put up across the city, all this and many more for a person who is neither a CM, PM, President or even their son ...... he is just a MP from a place somewhere in UP ........ so much for the austerity drive!
Well, no one can stand the Wazir, everything is perfectly arranged. The public opinion. The crowd, no matter hes intelligent or dumb-head.
Epilogue: despite the favorable media, aide intellectuals and columnists, govt was surrounded on the issue of price rise. The apparent friend of hoarders, the Agriculture minister's statements were provided more evidences in hands of opponents. In wake of coming election and future elevation of this MP, it was a must to divert the attention of everyone and the above plot did that very well.


rudra said...

आपने लिखा बहूत सुन्दर! सत्य यह है की शिव सेना से खतरनाक भारतीय कांग्रेस है !

Anonymous said...

the number of policemen deployed according to reports - around 3700