Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Youth for Equality expresses its dissent and deep concerns over instigation of caste and communal divide by BSP and Congress party. After HRD minister Mr Kapil Sibal expressed his desire to expand the reservations limit beyond 50%, sectarian politicians like Mayawati rushed to PM for Muslim Quota and General quota. Both acts of power hungry politicians must be condemned with strong words.
       In a nation where urban and rural poor are forced to live in substandard life conditions, caste quotas are meant to serve those who are already in well-to-do. The economically weaker sections are left on their own fate as they don't constitutes vote bank. These weaker section can't be made fool for long by media visits of Rahul Gandhi. Reservations in higher education and government jobs prove to be a mockery of social justice under these circumstances. 
            Politicians are purposefully trying to impose the elite system of caste reservations where a small segment of society taking the recurrent benefits since generations, while economically weaker sections of all castes are deprived on such benefits since independence.
         Youth for Equality strongly opposes any type of caste or religion based reservations. If Reservations are given to poor people. They must be given to all poor people without asking their caste or religion. Youth For Equality warns caste and communal politicians to stay away from instigating separation in society for their mean purpose. YFE would respond to the evil design of the political hate mongers with civil protests, and electoral awareness and boycott.
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manish mishra said...

ur take on caste based reservation's justifies the injustice to millions of us.....this madness has to STOP.